Increasing Drug Abuse Among Youth: Symptoms And Solutions

Posted on July 30, 2011 in Society

By Ankur Shukla:

We have been experiencing an alarming increase of drug abuse among the youngsters in recent years. Every now and then we read in the newspapers that teens are being held for consuming drugs and most of them are usually aged between 17-20. But the main question arises that why the Indian society is experiencing such a dilemma where more of the teenagers and youths are involved in unethical and unproductive activities like substance or drug abuse.

The youths are topping the charts for the wrong reasons this time around. Recently many college-going boys and girls were hauled up by the police involved in the case of drug consumption in a rave party. The alarming rate of drug abuse has always been a problem and especially the increase of drug abuse among youngsters has had detrimental effects on the society.

What leads to drug addiction?

Sheer pressure of studies on students might be one of the few cases which results in substance abuse among the youngsters. The educational system nowadays is very competitive and lacks flexibility with lakhs of students appearing for few thousand seats. Again there is always a parental burden which adds to the pressure of making it big academically.

Personal and family problems also leads to drug abuse among youngsters who fail to cope up with the ever-growing family and personal problems. Workplace pressure and issues with the colleagues results in workplace deviance which later results in detrimental effects on the individual.

The adolescence situation is often the cause of such unproductive activities. The friend’s circle in which a young individual stays also influences his/her activities. A boy/girl who has a company of friends who are into drugs and alcohol tends to repeat the same; an attempt to be an active member of the peer group which often results in addiction of the same leading to many unproductive activities in future of the youngsters.

It might begin with experimenting. A friend or your loved one’s must have tried it once out of curiosity because of friends or just to cope up with a problem. In the early stages, one might really find it helpful to erase some problems or make one’s life better, which leads to more and more consumption of drugs. But as addiction reaches a step further, it becomes more of a need rather than just a problem solver. Even for simple petty issues which can be solved will result in drug abuse because one is so used to it that without consumption of the same, one just cannot think of anything.

These are some the few common causes which has resulted in the increase of drug abuse among the youngsters immensely.

Common symptoms that parents/family members should look out for:

Although there are different types of drugs, but the effects and the symptoms are more or less the same, irrespective of the kind of drug consumed. Some of the common signs which indicates that an individual is engaged with the process of drug abuse.

  • Neglecting responsibilities at workplace, school, colleges or at home like skipping your tuition classes, low performance academically and staying away or alone for most of the time.
  • It results in indifferences in relationships of an individual such as fights with your family members or your partner, losing a good old friend etc.
  • Change in behavioral attitude such as not being the same person when being with friends or family or partner.
  • Losing temper easily and getting into nasty things for petty issues.
  • Frequently getting into fights, accidents and illegal activities.
  • Lack of motivation, feeling lethargic.
  • Anxiety and Irritation.
  •  Sudden Loss of appetite and weight. Loss of sleep patterns.

How can one stop the addiction to lead a normal peaceful life?

Half the problem is resolved when one shows the desire to give up addiction. One must speak up about his/her problem to someone who would understand and try to get him/her out of the problem. One may try to put restrictions on oneself to stop the drug abuse, rely on self help programs, but without support, it would be really difficult to put an end to it. Support might come from:

  • Family Members
  • Friends
  • Doctors or counselors
  • People who had the same problem but recovered.

Support from family members is a must as they are the closest source to the individual. Family should support their child to understand what he/she is going through and what compelled them to take such a risky step. Parents should try to motivate their children and understand what they really want in life. Every child is different from the other and parents should really try to understand their children’s expectation to avoid any cases related to alcohol or drug abuse.


Parents should always be there for their young children, especially since today’s teens are highly susceptible to drug abuse and other social ills.