Is Our Bollywood Even So Pristine Now?

Posted on July 21, 2011

By Abhishek Nayyar:

Gone are the golden days when Indian cinema was known for its purity, quality, redeeming and meaningful work, focused on a meaningful issue. Movies then were built with the exorbitant efforts of the whole team in realistic locations with realistic contents. Importantly, the history and ethics of our country were preserved. The main reason for that was the audiences of those days were so aware and astute that they used to respect any script not by outside flavor but by its paramount contents, stories and admirable acting, same with the concept and content.

But now the big question is

Is Bollywood the same now?

The answer is definitely ‘No’

Bollywood can not only be treated as the source of entertainment but also it’s the source of information and it’s the duty of government to insure that the correct information is conveyed among the masses and keeping this thing in mind censor board was established under the Cinematography Act 1952. The Central Board of Film Certification, the regulatory film body of India, regularly orders directors to remove anything it deems offensive, including sex, nudity, violence or subjects considered politically subversive, but now what we see in the form of present movies really casts a doubt on the working of our censor board.

Indian cinema is now drifting rapidly in the direction of Hollywood and that respect that used to be there in the actors of old days is now missing as Bollywood is slowly shifting its platform from talent and perfection to boldness and immodesty. There are various reasons for that and it’s very much true that the bendable attitude of censor board in certifying present movies is the major reason for adulteration in Bollywood but it’s not only the censor board who is culprit but it’s today’s audience which is more culprit.

Songs like DK Bose, Munni, Sheila etc are being released ending in publicity in no time among the common masses. Today’s directors and music composers have made vulgarity as their success mantra. It’s really sad to know that today’s youth is now no more interested in watching inceptive contents but runs behind the banal and purposeless drama, vulgarity, nudity. Now there is not even a single movie released which can be called as a complete family movie. Nowadays, according to the taste of the people the directors try to make vulgar movies with baseless music and deformed lyrics and if any questions are raised about the peculiarity of the movie the answer is always an ‘A’ certification. But filmmakers and producers forget that for their personal money and interest, they are blemishing the future of the country. Even ‘A’ certified movies are promoted on television/newspapers, and children/teenagers are end up taking in all such vulgarity. A poor child unaware of the actual meaning of the world is simply implementing it and what is seen on reel world is aped by them. First thing that should be done is promotion of adult movies should be strictly prohibited on media and there should be no lenient approach in certifying any movie with ‘A’ certificate.

It’s really sad to know that that the today’s youth and the future of tomorrow is drowned in the trivia of vulgarity and it’s very important that we should let us out of this so that it may not grow into an addiction. It’s truly said “youth is the creator, youth is reformer and youth is the destructor of any good thing.” So, power lies in us and it depends on us whether we want to bring our Indian cinema back to its golden age and make it pristine, for which it was known all over the world, or just continue as it is, and let our cinema go the Hollywood way. We can take steps to purify Bollywood by saying no to any vulgar movie, vulgar songs and appreciating true and meaningful movies. That way it would be a lesson to our narcissistic directors and the would definitely would be forced to switch to meaningful audiovisual content.

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