Should Indian Colleges Make Attendance Voluntary? [Youth Voices From Facebook]

Posted on July 19, 2011 in Education

Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore has decided to make attendance voluntary across all courses, stating that “at the post-graduate level, a student is mature enough to take a decision about attendance.”

Would a change like this bring fruitful results? Do you think more colleges should follow suit?

Naina Kamra: I think this is a very good idea. Because of course students at the post graduate level are mature enough to understand what all is important for them.

Adeena Jamal Ahmad: Yes, but only at the post-graduate level. If the same happens at the graduate level, it will be certain that the education system of the country will be at risk.

Vishnu Raj: Attendance cannot be made voluntary at the graduation level because of the all students will not have the same maturity level to look at things the right way.

Nandini Garg: Definitely, the maturity sets-in when the individual goes for higher studies. Nice IIM-Bangalore! APPRECIATE the stand!

Anand Sharma: Any type of education be it under graduation or anything else, is not about only reading books and passing exams. It’s when students attend lectures, they interact between each other, discuss on things and clear their doubts and personal contact is more efficient than online discussion. Sitting at home and clearing exams won’t make any sense. He may have book-knowledge only to a limited extend.

Vaibhav Kathuria: No the future CEOs are big enough to understand.

Tanya Verma: Yes. Definitely! One should want to attend lectures because the lecturers are actually good and one is actually learning something rather than being compelled to attend just for the sake of attendance…

Abhijit Bhomia: BITS Pilani has been following this system for years… even for under graduates… Compulsory attendance doesn’t mean that an institute will produce bright students. It is on the part of students, be it under graduates or post graduates. And students at BITS Pilani definitely know what they have to do even when they have 0 % attendance.

Ravi Raju: It may work out well at IIM post graduate level, but not in other colleges in India.