The Fashion Lunacy: Is It Stooping Over You?

Posted on July 30, 2011 in Health and Life

By Abha Goel:

Every morning I groom up myself to look college fit. I fiddle with my wardrobe, actually irritate my hair and compare my footwear with the dress I am wearing.

Hey!! Give me a break. Is that me?

Until school life I was an adventurous, tomboyish girl with no real interest in my looks. But the day I turned 18, my mother says I changed drastically. I am not a fashion victim but yes, a fashion tortured lass. Though reluctantly, but I have started to care for the satchel I carry or the one piece I wear. Such a revolutionary change is the consequence of campus life.

Colorful attires and stylish and branded clothes is what top the list. When you step in a college campus, you would encounter a wide range of youngsters with varied style opinions. You will feel an urge to ponder “have I entered a fancy dress competition?”

Every fuchcha is in a bid to look the best as if being awarded the “best dressed trophy”. Some adorns the sophisticated look and others look way too cool in their harems, patialas and flip flops. At present the hot pants are a real charm amongst the college girls. Their motto is “shorter the more comfortable and fashionable”.

It is not their dressing style is zany or atrocious but yes, inspired from bollywood chics and dudes.
Today, it has become a trend to imitate the movie stars or flaunt your expensive wear about. The recent being was kareena’s size zero.

Girls acted inane to adopt that figure despite of knowing its debaculous after effects on their body mechanism. Following was the six and eight pack trend among guys and gyms soon got crammed with the hunks and once so called “bookworms”. The melodrama has not ended. The HT CITY is flooded with yet another hogwash of our juveniles. The tattoo display is in a row. Deepika’s RB tattoo or saif’s “kareena” imprinted arm got thumbs up from the crowd.

We all know its harmful and could lead to skin cancer but still nobody can deter these fashion maniacs from “in the pipeline” trademark.

Actually speaking I abhor this fashion fanatism because it somehow creates a huge wall between hi and low class. Few less privileged undergo inferiority complex and at times the girls categorized as not so glamorous have to face ignominious circumstances. It ruins the actual spirit of fun and healthy environment in college thus, creating a division within one college.

At present what is gathering the applauds is trend of surgeries. They go in for lipo surgery, hair treatment and even the enhancement of various body parts. I feel pathetic. Why do we tamper with our gifted features? Following Shilpa Shetty, I now few girls who went in for face surgery to look prettier. What a disgrace?

Have we become so fashion sick that we don’t respect our own body parts and go under transition to out shadow the girl next to us?

When in limits i.e. to look presentable, a trend is followed, it is appreciated. But when to envy others and be a part of the cat race, such things flash in scenario, it indicates our youth is deteriorating. To be a style icon and impress and influence your counterparts, drinking, smoking, late night parties has become the regular schedule of the most. But pals, it is only degrading the campus quality and atmosphere.

I feel all the above activities encourage hooliganism and makes it unfit for the survival of females.

As I stated in above paragraphs, being a collegiate I appreciate latest trend and I have no issues to raise until an individual adorns a particular look for his interest, comfort and newly nurtured desire to look good.

But when it begins to masquerade your actual identity and creeps in as bollywood insanity, then it can hamper the true spirit. It can fuel up differences and distances and make you look like a crook in the crowd of thousands.

So, don’t let fashion world stoop over you but better you rule it and make your SELF statement the STYLE statement.