The Indian Curry Revolution: Going Places

Posted on July 8, 2011

By Adeena Jamal:

Indian Cuisine in Helsinki, Finland

Indian cuisine, or the curry revolution has now reached probably some of the most unimaginable destinations across the world. The above photograph was clicked in Helsinki, Finland in a very popular neighborhood. The revolution has made some drastic developments across the globe including the Chicken Tikka Masala being crowned as the national dish of UK. Many curry houses, as they are termed, can be seen across several food hubs, and the amazing part is how popular they are with several communities.

Indian food is extremely popular, more so spicy curries that have made their mark . Stockholm, Sweden has an entire street in the centre of the city that is a hub of Indian restaurants. And some of the curry houses are an expensive affair . Nonetheless,people can be seen relishing a curry with naan ,and pappadam (the English term for papad) .

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