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Until The Last Moment #POEM

Posted on July 19, 2011 in Society

By Rohit Singh:

Until the last moment arrives,
Nobody cares to dive,
Millions lurk aside,
Though no one cares to stride,
Heaps of platitude hunting across,

Millions still in a deeper frost…
It starts the day
A child is born
The first lesson taught was to just frown,
Over the conundrums,
over the enigma,
He learnt nothing,
But putting a sigma.
Grown up looking around,
Doubt and disgust,
Which surround,
No one does care,
He is where,
Some others would do nothing,
Simply stare.
His problems are just fake,
For someone it is a stake,
He didn’t get,
It was the same,
Which he did the other day,
For a game.
He gets that,
For which he paid,
Milk for milk,
Taint for taint.

Run my stallion,
Faster than you did,
Towards the bottom earth,
Towards the bridge,
Thy blue is looking around,
Destiny might be sending a sound.

Wasting thou seconds,
Is not a big deed,
But millions are watching,
So care is the need,
Wake up from thy dream,
To look around,
Things u lost were golden brown.

Success never comes in a mass,
There is but one life,
To fail and pass,
You will realize coming across,
Neither blessing nor the cross,
Neither priest nor the pope,
Could help,
To remove thy setting moss.

Remember the words of a great son,
Time and tide wait for none,
So until the last moment,
Sounds great fun,
Better move ahead,
And look for the sun…