Voice Within For The Youth #POEM

Posted on July 19, 2011 in Society

By Nandini Garg:

Proud to be the slaves of technology amidst this peer pressure,
Reluctant to see his son join the bandwagon- a worried father.
Trying to impress the elderly, oblivious of the imperfection,
Sleepless nights, endless thoughts of much expected neglection.

Misunderstood most often, reprimanded more often than not,
Seeking freedom, trying to give it the best ever shot.
Hoping to unite the knots, a desire to succeed,
Trials and tribulations of life compel the young hearts to bleed.

The expectations are high, self esteem is low,
Interference and influence of the learned does show
That this stage is melodramatic,
Where every role is unique and symbolic.

It’s impossible to extricate from these chains,
Life shows its presence by inflicting severe pains.
Contemplating love with negative prophecy,
Sitting in the lap of nature is no more a delicacy.

Life must learn how to reciprocate,
Time should realize how important it is to wait.
The former has become nothing but a mere laughing stock,
The latter has been encased inside the dials of a never-halting-clock.

Gathering inspiration from random companions
Inflicted with toxicity close to oblivion.
Treasuring the memories of the past, tears are crashing down,
Remembering the most cherishable moments- they’d been renown.