Why Your Happiness Really Matters

Posted on July 22, 2011 in Specials

By Bommerla Swetha:

Here goes the spirit of the most wanted feeling — ‘THE HAPPINESS’. This is the only feeling that makes our lives lively. It is filled with positive attitudes in addition to fruitful actions. Happiness brings pleasure and delight in our lives.

Happiness is not a station we arrive at but it is a matter of travelling i.e., one’s attitude towards happiness changes from different things from time to time.

To a child, happiness means getting chocolate or a toy. The same in the school, one gets happy by scoring better marks in a class and having good friends. At college level, a student finds pleasure in joining a reputed institution and gaining popularity. Now-a-days students, during their college life, feel happy with a boy/girl friend though it is a major reason for the youth to spoil their careers. Also some people feel happy in loving their Mom, Dad, Siblings and/or relatives. Securing a well paying job in their interested field cheers the young. Living with children and grand children in a good health completes our life’s journey in a gaiety manner. With a swipe of a pen, our attitude towards happiness undergoes remodeling.

Positive attitude boosts our happiness. In this context, I wish to share my personal experience.

Last summer when I was at my granny’s village, I was touched by an incident. There I came across a man fetching water from the nearby pond on a bicycle for his daily use. While doing so, the water in the container was overflowing due to movement of the cycle and dripping on his way. This was his daily routine work. One day an idea flashed into his mind with which he started sowing seeds along the path. After some days he was in a position to collect fruits and flowers from such developed seeds. Instead of brooding over difficulty he had been able to squeeze benefit out of a complication.

This action has really influenced me. In other words, a solution to a tough situation depends upon our outlook onto a problem. Now I strongly believe that optimism triumphs over pessimism which increases happiness.

Happiness is not a statement of mind. It is just finding that little element in things, tending to give satisfaction and ultimately HAPPINESS.

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