Youth Beaten to Death In Coimbatore: Showcase of Inhumanity! [GRAPHIC]

Posted on July 13, 2011 in Society, The Opinionated

By Anshul Tewari:

A youth was brutally beaten to death in broad daylight by 4 other men at a traffic junction. The deceased was travelling on a motorcycle, which got dis-balanced and hit 2 drunk men walking on the roadside. Even though they were uninjured, the men ganged up with 2 other and started beating the driver of the motorbike. They first threw him down on the ground, started beating him, hit him with a heavy stone, not once but many times until he died.

“The incident happened 250 meters away from the police station. All this happened in a liquor shop and the people were drunk. They all were of the same age and all have been booked for murder. It is because of CCTV footage the four men – Krishnan, Ganeshan, Murugan and ramachandran – were arrested,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police Crime & Traffic Tr S Nizamuddin.

The traffic light was at halt and car drivers, bikers and others at the junction watched and kept watching; waiting for the person to die, but no one took the initiative to save him from the goons.

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