Youth For Policy And Dialogue’s COP 17 Campaign: Pitch in!

Posted on July 14, 2011 in Events

Youth for Policy and Dialogue (YPD) is India’s first youth think-tank on public policy which aims to engage youth into advocating for policy changes. At this year’s COP 17, YPD aims at launching a campaign reaching and connecting the right audience and bringing the youth across India together for one cause.

The Conference of the Parties (COP) is the governing body of the Convention, and advances implementation of the Convention through the decisions it takes at its periodic meetings. The Conference of the Parties has been held in 16 countries with Climate Change being an increasingly important issue across the world. The last two conferences in Copenhagen and Cancun respectively have caused quite a stir among the nations resulting in various heated discussions and some successful policy implementations.

COP 17 is to be held at Durban, South Africa this year from November29th-December 10th. This place apart from being rich in its bio-diversity is now also looked upon as a country will with opportunities for economic development. With on-going climate negotiations all over the world this event is much awaited among environment enthusiasts and policy makers and is expected to be an event of huge magnitude and great significance.

‘Campus Eco Connect Program’ an initiative by the YPD intends to do exactly this by providing opportunities for students across the nation to show their commitment for the cause and support the campaign along with the prospect of working with young and motivated climate enthusiasts and internship openings with Youth for Policy dialogue.

YPD has a common set agenda for all the ECO clubs which in turn can gain partnership:

  • Taking up the Up by 2 campaign which aims on reducing the temperature of Air Conditioner‘s by 2 degree Celsius in order to save Carbon Emissions in huge amounts.
  • Conducting Earth Hour campaign every week for 10 minutes, not just to save electricity but to show your concern and support the cause.
  • Contributing articles on a regular basis which will be published on Youth Ki Awaaz .
  • Carry out various sessions on YPD’s Campaign for COP 17 in colleges and initiate discussions and ideas for the upcoming event.
  • Attain an affiliated partnership with Youth for Policy & Dialogue.

YPD is eager to kick start the campaign starting 15th July and reach as many young minds as possible, we believe in being the change we want to see and bring out promising young enthusiasts to make a positive difference.

For funding opportunities and further details please contact Devanik Saha: or visit