Become A Media Personnel #AlternativeCareers

Posted on August 7, 2011

By Sharvi Mewada:

It’s always a childhood dream- To be on TV! Everyone has it, even if for a small period of time. Well, here’s an option to be somewhere close to that dream. Do Mass Media.

Bachelor of Mass Media, aka BMM, is a forthcoming course that’s attracted students and youngsters from all streams. If you have a yen for writing, like communication, want to report, aspire to make movies, have an opinion about them, want to get into the ad world or even just join the PR department in a multinational company — BMM is your thing.

Media industry is vivid, vast and the most flexible! Moreover, its scope in India is increasing tremendously day by day. So you definitely won’t go out of jobs, jobs which pay huge! (Plus you get to be cool).

Earlier, what was included in BA and offered specialization only after graduation has now become a separate course altogether. One has to be creative, imaginative and totally think out-of-the-box for a career in mass media. The only drawback in doing BMM is that almost everyone wants to do it; so when you go out in the open world, all you have around you is competition. But if you have it in you, you joined one of the reputed colleges; you don’t have to worry at all. You could even pursue a further course specializing in your skills. It’s a wide field with career options you wouldn’t even imagine existed. Either way, a creative mind with talents goes all the way.

Before choosing a college, keep in mind the institute’s previous performance, its alumni (many of its guest lecturers are famous alumni), the staff, the practical field work and syllabus. In BMM, since, practical projects matter the most, it’s indeed necessary to have a college which offers a lot of opportunities. Internships matter too. Get into the best firm of your category because once you have experiences, you don’t have to slog away to glory!

It’s a big field, so you have career options like:

Films & TV Direction Acting & Modeling
Radio Broadcasting & Anchoring Voice-overs &Dubbing
Media Management & Marketing Event Management
Mass Communication & Journalism Public Relations
Advertising Print Media
Video & Films Editing Audio Recording & Production
Animation Computer Graphics Screenplay Art
Scriptwriting & Creative Writing Film-making
Cinematography Videography and Photography
Visual Effects & Composition Audio-Video Program Production
Fine Arts Language (Hindi/English/Others)
Web Journalism & Cyber Laws Laws related Films & Broadcasting
Intellectual Property Rights Studio & Set Designing

It seems big, and confusing. However, one you are in BMM, you will learn about your particular interest and then sky is the limit. It’s a really nice course if one is willing to put up the efforts. If you are ready to put in some extra hard work and time, and use your head barring the clichés, it’s a pretty fun thing to do. I would know, I’m in BMM.

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