Google Transit Makes Tracking Your Bus/Metro In Delhi Easier

Posted on August 13, 2011 in Sci-Tech

By Rini Sharma:

Our very own Google has recently announced the inclusion of Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) bus services on Transit- an online public transport planning aid. Google Transit helps users around 450 cities across the world in planning their trips via public transport. Last year only, it welcomed Delhi Metro as well.

Transit is already present in four other cities- Ahemdabad, Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune, now; Delhi will become the fifth city to be availing this facility.

Google Transit is very useful for the people in metro cities as people are very much dependent on the local bus services to commute and trust them more than any other transport medium. The capability of the Transit to show the routes, transit times and comparison between two trip options makes the trips for the people all the more easier. It also helps us in find a trip which involves fewer transfers and lesser walking. With the availability of this service, there is a scope of improvement in providing passengers the accurate information for traveling within Delhi.

Image showing a screenshot of the Delhi Metro Blue Line in Dwarka, New Delhi

Installation of the GPS (global positioning system- a satellite navigation aid) in the buses is also being planned, which will help the commuters plan their trips in a better way with real-time monitoring bus movements.

Transit- which is a positive move- will fill in the gaps in information dissemination regarding public services which would make the things easier for the public, and the Delhiites will be able to save their valuable time.

To be savvy with this upgradation of the capital’s public transport system, you just need to have a handheld device or a PC with Google Maps, where you just have to fill in the places and choose between the mode of transport (bus/train/car) and an interactive map is ready with your planned journey along with the time duration for the journey.

Google transit will let you ease down in a situation where you would be wondering which bus you should board so as to reach your destination. It will act as a friend, who will help you when you will be standing in the middle of the road, scratching your head hard, thinking which bus to take so to be at the right place.

Google Transit also helps you know the bus route you need to travel by.

Google will now be tracing DTC bus routes for the Delhiites, gifting them an easier journey. So when you are lost the next time in the city, do not worry, because the Google transit will help you to find your way out of anywhere and direct you to the nearest bus stop as well!