Independence Day: Let The Intellectual Satyagraha Begin

Posted on August 14, 2011 in Specials

By Ranjeet Kumar:

We celebrate the Independence Day on 15th August but think before greeting each other – are we really happy on this occasion? The dichotomy that prevails within the nation has surfaced to the fullest. On one hand there are allegations of a government drowned head to toe in corruption, trying hard to legitimize everything, and on the other hand the facts lie in front of the people. Corruption is not a party based phenomenon but a systemic disease that percolates from top to bottom. People holding responsible positions are playing with the hard earned public money. All the government portfolios are a part of this vicious circle and have brought a new meaning to the word democracy – as if it is demonstration of crisis.

We, the people, have a mindset that it’s difficult to fight the system but we ourselves have sown the seed of collective suicide mastered by the chosen few whom we elect. One can crush Anna and Ramdev and various other silent crusaders but the question they have raised resonates with the masses. It’s not only about hoisting the national flag and celebrating for a day – the time has come where the sanctity of the nation has to be preserved. Almost every news organization raises concerns, debates and discussion, but opinions cannot be facts.

We do have utmost respect for the constitution, but are we attempting to tamper the very fabric of the setup that has existed? I beg to differ on the ground that never in the history of the nation have we witnessed such a scale of corruption. If a strong law is needed to strengthen the integrity of the nation, what’s wrong with it? The core of the crisis lies in the fact that many of the representatives would find it as signing on a suicide note, a lethal agreement if a strong capable lokpal is enacted. Friend’s – youth have changed the course of history by being the change they wanted to see. On the eve of this Independence Day – let’s start our own quest for consciences. Let’s arise, awake and shoulder the responsibility to weed out the dragons in the deity masks.

It’s time to initiate an ‘intellectual satyagraha’ where the networking platforms that technology provides us at our disposal with, should be used to connect millions of hearts and I am sure the time is not far away where India will be free from the hands of sycophants and so called pseudo leaders. We need leaders who can create more leaders – not followers at the moment.

Saluting the motherland – Jai Hind Jai Bharat.