Possibility Thinking – Reaching Beyond the Obvious

Posted on August 18, 2011 in Specials

By Ranjeet Kumar:

Enjoying the bliss within can only be possible when we transcend from the psyche of resistance to new avenues that life puts forth before us. We keep staring at the closed doors and get so completely engrossed that we tend to ignore the door of opportunity that opens. The attachment kills whereas the freedom thrills our being. Behind every failure incurred, possibilities of success is strengthened in the path ahead. It’s in our own hand whether we react to failures or respond to them. There is a difference between reaction and response. Reaction is sudden outburst to an event or situation where as response is delayed because it involves thought processing and Possibility Thinking. Though this ability to respond does not come instantaneously but requires training the mind to feel the urgency of reaction versus response.

Possibility thinking is a step forward to do away with the polarity that is positive and negative thinking. Rather it emphasizes on the responsive behaviour of the individual. His innovative action can have a quite different perspective and a blue sky approach to the problem. The solutions are practical because the event has undergone a cycle of thought process before the action has resulted. Our brains are programmed more to outburst and react spontaneously in situations having ambiguity. In such scenario training the mind becomes a prime priority otherwise the nature of solutions that comes for diversified problem are largely the same.

In acceptance alone lies the essence of real happiness. Life is like a box of assorted chocolates and you never know what is going to come your way. The polarity of life is amazing diagonally opposite entities like success—failure, happiness-sorrow, pleasure-pain and every thing that creates our microenvironment coexists. The problem is because of our ignorance and mental inertia we deny to accept life as it is. We desperately do this by giving a kick to something that is new yet to be born and consequently due to our irrational orthodox approach possibilities dies in gestation.

Why is Possibility Thinking necessary? The reason I can possibly think of is it gives an opportunity to express the potentials that lies hidden in the core of our personality. The ability to solve problems is in our DNA. We are the gifted children of Almighty with our ships in the sea of consciousness. Whenever a problem comes the solution also surfaces out. It is just a matter of our effort to unleash the details that are packed in a ball of uncertainty. It’s upon us to untie and see beyond the obvious to reach the core and unveil the treasure that life brings.