Rotting Grains and Empty Stomachs #Poem

Posted on August 3, 2011 in Society

By Kannan G:

We’ve schemes and scams galore!
Grave negligence and more!
We’ve men who steal; men who feel;
Millions too without a meal!

Our farmers sweat and bleed;
Our leaders fill their greed;
Our Medias open our eyes —
We find rotting wheat and rice!

Millions of tons of grains
Go rotting down the drains!
Storage space deficiency
And crores of stomachs empty!

Millions of rats we feed
And plagues of disease breed!
So generous, see, our country —
Just crores of stomachs empty!

For years it has been so
We sow, we grow, we blow!
It shows our efficiency
And crores of stomachs empty!