Sparks Of Hard Work: Bamboo Bazaar, KR Market, Bangalore #PhotoNama

Posted on August 3, 2011 in PhotoNama

By Avanish Tiwary:

Bamboo Bazaar at N R road is the biggest scrap market in Bangalore where you can find bamboo logs, ply woods, old iron pieces, used iron gates and many other types of scrap goods. More than 100 shop owners sell, buy and weld these iron rods of several shapes and sizes everyday. People come here to buy the cheapest wood and iron scrap to use them for construction. Iron scraps are sold for as cheap as Rs. 40/kg.

The shop owners buy the second hand and waste iron scrap and weld it. Bullock and horse carts are used to transport these scrap to the city as it is the cheap mode of transportation.

Bamboo Bazaar: A Bullock Cart Awaits Traders


A trader carries material on the bullock cart


Old Iron and Steel - Yet to be refurbished
Iron being refurbished at the Bamboo Bazaar
Men at work at the Bamboo Bazaar


The smile says it all
Sparks of hard work at the Bamboo Bazaar