The Essence Of Real Freedom [INDEPENDENCE DAY SPECIAL]

Posted on August 15, 2011 in Specials

By Shravya Gotur:

Ah! So today, the INDEPENDENT India proudly completes its 64 years of revolution around the Sun. Wow! So we officially enter into our 65th year of Independence today. So Celebration time? Absolutely. But hey! Hang on… This is also a time to pause, reflect and contemplate.

So let us for a while then put on our thinking caps. So what is freedom? Just because Lord Mountbatten and co. 6 decades back decided to pack their bags and say ‘Tata’ to all of us, does it mean we are breathing an air of freedom?

Yes, it is true that we are free from the clutches of the British rule but unfortunately NOT from the legacy left behind by them – ‘DIVIDE AND RULE’.

Are we free from Casteism, Communalism and Regionalism? No!

Some people with vested interests (read as Politicians) have divided the society both horizontally and vertically and created ‘vote-banks’ – which is highly depressing.

Are we free from exploitation and the evil-epedemic ‘Corruption‘? Madhu Koda, CWG, Adarsh, Mining and the whopping 2G spectrum scandal; how many more scandals do we need to see that our GDP is being eaten away? What about Terrorism? The memories of Mumbai attacks is not something that we can ever forget.

Till we are plagued with all these miseries we cannot enjoy the actual essence of ‘Real’ freedom. As a student, I would like to have academic freedom. The day the senior most officer accepts the ‘genuine’ ideas of the junior most officer – the nation will progress; which means we need a sea change in our attitude.

We also require an India which is energy sufficient and energy independent. May be the present scenario will not change, but You and I can. The youth together can build a better India and have the potential to bring a new ‘renaissance’ in our nation.

We need to convert all these ‘isms’ .. Regionalism to Nationalism, Terrorism to Spiritualism, Communalism to Patriotism, and not to forget – Gundaism to Gandhiism (Actually it is Gundagiri to gandhigiri). I hope to live and breathe in this India and enjoy the actual essence of the freedom

Is my vision Utopian? Well, I have the hope and the confidence in myself.. DO YOU?