The Perfect World #POEM

Posted on August 18, 2011 in Society

By Ateendriya:

On the edge,
And just there.
A flash of hope,
In a million years,

Shut off windows,
And the mist that surrounds.
A bleeding rainbow,
At the other end of this monochrome.

A rainbow in the night?
Only she sees it.
The rainbow and her own plight.
One glimpse of her,
And the madness that follows
They’ve all got eyes,
But they seem not to know.

Such a warm world inside.
And the shut off windows.
She’s trying to kill us all!
And they fear- her.

Isn’t it all better,
…to wipe off the madness?
They’re trying,
With all they have.

To remove this insane little blemish.
From the perfect scenery.
Trying so hard
To deny her existence…
And in the cold winter night,
She waits on the edge.

Looks on…
The ones inside,
They never see.
It’s just her fate to be… right?
Let her be… there’s nothing we can do.
We’re all working towards a perfect lie… thank you.