The Tough Task of Multi-tasking!

Posted on August 14, 2011

By Rini Sharma:

“Multi- tasking” was originated as a computer jargon for the situation when the central processing unit (CPU) worked back and forth between different programmes and in layman’s language it can be defined as the situation wherein, one handles more than one tasks at a time.

For many centuries now, human capabilities of handling multiple tasks at a time has been studied and discussed around the globe, but the question that arises here is how well we can or cannot do it?

We, as humans, can certainly handle several tasks at a time but in doing so we are putting our efficiency of doing a single work at stake. It is entirely possible to perform two or more tasks at a time; anyone can pour the coffee in a cup while on the phone but when it comes to preparing the breakfast while chatting on phone, you may end up in a total chaos. Errors will creep in as we try doing numerous tasks in less and less time. While operating a vehicle too, our brain has to function in many different directions. We have to be extra-cautious while driving or else we might end up in disastrous consequences.

Multi- tasking seems quite luring and easy to some people, but it does costs you a lot. While on one hand, it makes things easier for you, on the other, it can produce really lethal results making you prone to common and severe accidents. Performing various tasks at a time can bring with it long- term consequences as well.

Overloading your tiny brain with ‘n’ number of tasks at a time stresses you out, making the situation even worse for your health. A study at the University of London found that overloading and stress results in a temporary drop in a person’s IQ by ten points.

One of the serious effects of multi- tasking can be its share in spoiling one’s relationship- starting from their dearest to the newest ones. For instance, while working on the computer we might skip the basic etiquette of a conversation which is, listening to what our close ones wants to say to us, which might hurt the sentiments of our loved ones. In short, multi- tasking lets us elude our thread like relationships.

These situations are grave but can be eased out if we try to do so. Firstly, we will have to prioritize the chores we have to take up and then work accordingly. Secondly, delegation of the work which will help in simplifying the situation and will result in lesser work load too. This brings us to the gamble of multi- tasking, which, if done at a right time and in a right manner, can prove to be a beneficial game for us.

Multi-tasking certainly is a tough task to handle and juggling between too many tasks can even sometimes put you in great trouble. In other ways, this talent of ours can be taken as a frightening wake-up call about the dangerous mistakes that can creep in our lives when we ask our brain to deal with too much at once.

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