To Swear Or Not To Swear?

Posted on August 3, 2011

By Rosy Xess:

The recent bollywood movie.. “Pyaar ka punchnama” was a big hit with the audience. The movie is about three bachelor boys falling in love with three girls but soon realizing that the affairs are not worth it. Another thing which did grab a lot of attention was the use of cuss words in like every dialogue. So what is up with the sudden popularity of profanity? Be it movies, television , social networking forums or simply with today’s generation.

There are more offensive words on more offensive television programs than ever before, and music lyrics aren’t getting any cleaner. This doesn’t mean the average person is swearing more. But yes, it does mean more children using offensive language and at younger ages. By the time they enter school, most children know the words their parents complain about on television, though there is no evidence that children are harmed by the words used on television.

So is it that the youth finds it cool or is it in their habit? Vishal Das, of Xavier’s College Mumbai, says, “it should be left on the person simply because it’s their own sweet will to talk the way they want. Personally, I would swear mostly when am around my friends, reasons are numerous,”being cool” is definitely not the agenda. Its more to do with being laid back and not bothered about the language because you know that you wont be judged with the language you have… at least you hope so! However there are some “sad mother***” who have an unwarranted judgment and frame impressions on the mere speech… which is so sad!“.

On a contrary Ipshita Mitra of Miranda House comments, “profanity in language has acquired a stylistic meaning amongst youngsters today. Beep words have become conversational to an extent that they do not seem to be objectionable anymore. Lines of decency are crossed when they are applied out of compulsion just to show-off or prove how “cool” you are. Exclamatory emotions are often punctuated by an ‘F’ word which is understandable but an overuse of the same leaves a bitter taste. I believe excess of everything is bad.”

For some it’s the surrounding and upbringing which plays an important role on how youngsters converse. According to IIPM, Delhi graduate Vikas Dingra, kids are way smarter these days and profanity shows that they are mature. It gives them a feel of being adult. If they hear their friends and seniors using bad words they think its pretty normal for them to use.

So in this context has education any role. Madhvi, a BA, MS, PhD. “I think I’m a relatively well educated person. Also, I think I’m relatively well read. But I must say that I enjoy using profanity for emphasis. I think it adds color to our language. But it should be used in the context of the situation. I love to offend prudes!”

But to one thing which maximum people agree is swearing is okay till it is used in a friendly manner and it does not hurt anybody’s sentiments. Society’s view as to what is appropriate has changed, and it will continue to change. As Vishal stresses,“swearing is completely fine when it comes to the present times!”.

What are your views? Drop in your comments below.

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