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Waking Up Early In The Morning!!: Habit Going Off-track

Posted on August 13, 2011 in Specials

By Swetha Bommerla:

“What is right is always forgotten by what is convenient” –Bodie Theone

A 3rd year Engineering student of NIT Warangal claims “I decide firmly to wake up early in the morning but my hand automatically goes to the snooze button. I try hard to wake up at my planned time and now I did stop trying. Even today my mom wakes me up.” Waking up early in the morning is the lost habit in youth. Students in their primary classes learn that “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” in moral science textbooks. These lines are only meant to reproduce and fill the exam papers. Even at this age, the same sort of lines can be heard from our radio jockeys. Some of our inbox messages also sound the same, alarming to its dangerous consequences. Yet we feel unconcerned.

A 45 year old woman says, “My day starts at 5am. I will plan the things orderly to be completed the previous night. I have to be at my workplace by 9.30AM. By then I have to wake up my kids and get them ready for the school besides cooking for the family. I used to find myself very lazy to wake up so early and manage the things according to my plan besides feeling so tired and stressed.” A day as such does not make their lives lively. A man’s productivity throughout the day goes down day-by-day. This situation is something which is deserved to be vigilant.

From these two reviews I can stand on the line- It’s the laziness that hold backs our success. Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them. It is the exercise alone that supports our enthusiasm and keeps our mind out of laziness. A lazy man who does not mind his belly does not mind anything. A man needs a perfect plan to achieve his goals. A person waking up early in the morning will have control over the day than the day having the control on him. He is able to control craziness over the things and develops a focused concentration.

Aquatics and Aerobics charge one’s energy and save from laziness throughout day. They burn more calories during and after exercise. Aquatics-swimming, unlike other sports it is a life-skill. It also ensures safety besides being a sport. Aquatics reduce pain and increase flexibility. Aerobics-it’s the best way to kick off your day. One, as a teen is concerned with their body image and wants to look as good as possible. They also provide fun besides an effective workout. They boost up one’s mood, energy level and self-esteem while it lowers one’s stress. They burn a lot of fat. They help you live longer and healthier.

Today, a man is surrounded with the ultimately featured electronic gadgets with which one admits that their lives became more comfortable. With the development of science and technology man is able to do miracles in this 3D world. All of the biggest technological inventions created by man – airplane, automobile, and computer – say little about his intelligence, but speak volumes about his laziness.

By becoming an early bird one can enjoy first fruits of the day. For example, he can have a hearty breakfast, the morning fuel, which ignites the day’s energy. One can be early to his/her workplace and could beat the traffic on their way besides doing better on your job.

Laziness makes for dangerous fat. Treat laziness as a health hazard and commit to be fit.