Why The Indian Youth Supports The Jan Lokpal Struggle

Posted on August 19, 2011 in Society

By Mahalakshmi Ganapathy:

My otherwise lazy brother suddenly asked my mother to wake him up at 6am and stumped us all. In my mind I thought ‘maybe it’s because of one of his football or cricket matches’ for which he usually shows much dedication. But my brother had other plans. “I’m going to fast for the Jan Lokpal Bill”, he said; and we were shocked again. Shocked, because this was the first time a cause had actually excited him and made him take efforts to do something about it without our constant goading, and for the first time the passion shifted from sports to something more realistic. After considerable thought, I have arrived at this conclusion that irrespective of whether we get the desired bill or not, this movement has succeeded in waking people up, especially the youth – from deep slumber and made them unite for a cause.

But what is it that exactly contributed in this movement, getting the attention from all corners of the country and abroad? Why has this movement struck a chord with the people of India? Corruption is one problem that most of us face, and that is the only reason why we are all out to eradicate the roots of the same. In India ,we have been brought up all our life with the ‘chalta hai’ attitude and to accept that bribery is a given and an integral part of our lives. Right from the peon to the highest official, the whole system being corrupt, we the citizens feel frustrated and in today’s dog eats dog life, when there is no time to breathe, bribery becomes a way of life, rather, a faster means of getting things done. It is time that this mentality is completely removed from our senses and people realise that their acts then translate into much bigger acts of Corruption.

While participating in the rally supporting the Jan Lokpal Bill yesterday, watching hordes of people ranging from kids, youth, to even elderly people, shouting slogans, carrying the National flag, singing patriotic songs and walking from every nook and corner of the city, I felt for the first time that the city was alive and dotted with people from all walks of life and strata, united for a single cause. The feeling of being there with all of them was phenomenal. Anonymous people smiling and cracking jokes, girls leading slogans and others following, there was a feeling that everyone there knew each other and everyone was free to express their suppressed frustration and shout, chant and feel supported by one another.

Amruta ,an MBA student quipped “the feeling here is great, so many people have come in support of this cause and personally I wanted to be part of this as I also have been a victim of corruption many times and I feel for this cause”.

Jhavar, an IT professional who has been fasting for over 12 hours says “I wish people today really open their eyes and wake up. We have been brushing off this grave issue of corruption and now the water has really flown over the bridge and so now we are on the streets, protesting and fasting for a better version of India.”

Now that the youth, after many years, has taken a stance, it is my sincere hope and wish that this struggle continues until victory dawns upon us. Bhrasthachar mitana hai, Jan Lokpal lana hai.