BREAKING NEWS: Bomb Blast Inside Our Heads. Everyone Dead.

Posted on September 16, 2011 in Society

By Arastu Zakia:

Example 1:

Fact: Kisan Baburao Hazare went on fast. “Team Anna” demanded that the Jan Lokpal bill be turned into a law.

1) BJP’s view: “The UPA should resign”

2) facebook’s view: “Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh are responsible for all the corruption in the country. We are with Anna in his fight for the nation”

3) Congress’s view: “______” – No view. They were invisible.

De-puppetize yourself!

Example 2:

Fact: The government accepted that they will forward 3 recommendations of “Team Anna” concerning the lower bureaucracy, Lokayukta and PM to the Standing Committee for consideration

1) Media’s view: “Victory for ‘Team Anna'”

2) facebook’s view: “We won, we won, the people’s revolution prevailed. All hail our hero – Anna”

3) Congress’s view: “We always want the good of the nation”

4) BJP’s view: “_______” – They were invisible

Example 3:

Fact: Kannada actor Darshan was accused by his wife Vijayalakshmi of assaulting and threatening her. She also named actress Nikita Thukral as the main reason for their marital discord.

1) Karnataka Film Producers Association (KFPA)’s view: “Vijayalakshmi should forgive her husband. We are banning Nikita Thukral for three years. If Nikita apologises for her behaviour and says she will just work in films and not get involved in domestic affairs of fellow actors, we will withdraw the ban”

2) Everyone else’s view: (a) “What is ‘Tollywood’?”, (b) “The other woman…hmmmmmm”

Example 4:

Fact: The Supreme Court did not give a verdict on and referred the 2002 Gulbarg Society riots case to a trial court in Ahmedabad

1) Narendra Modi’s view: “God is great”

2) Media’s view: “Breather to Modi. Does this clear his path to the national stage?”

3) BJP’s view: “This proves once again that there is absolutely no evidence against Narendra Modi. He is innocent”

4) facebook’s view: “Once again, pseudo-secularists, NGOs, fake activists, Congressmen and Pakistanis have been taught a lesson as they failed in their efforts to malign the lion of Gujarat. Respected Shri Mahatma Narendra Modi ji, now take over India and turn it into Gujarat. We are with you”

5) Congress’s view: “Modi should resign”

Example 5:

Q: Where does the Indian Mujahideen function papa?

A: On the Internet beta, on the Internet

Now, even depressed jobless boys and children send fake e-mails after an explosion claiming responsibility of the “terrorist attacks”

Example 6 to Example infinity:

No patience or willingness to write any more


Its never about reporting news or facts or views. It is just about how to manipulate the psyche of the entire nation’s population and turn them into oblivious, yet passionate puppets to someone else’s vested interests. The way the happenings of the world are portrayed to people can be termed as indoctrination or propaganda or even corruption and terrorism.

‘De-puppetize’ yourselves. Claim ownership of your lives, especially of your heads.

The writer is the Founder of ‘The Difference’, which is an effort by committed youngsters who realize the desire and feel the need to liberate people’s minds and lives from the shackles of stereotypical, irrational thinking, imitative lifestyles and a confined existence because we believe that the root cause of most problems and ironically even the solution lies in — the way we think.