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Cheesy-Lychee Veggie: Indian Tadka In Italian Style

Posted on September 12, 2011 in Health and Life

By Anshika Agarwal:

One of the toughest questions I have to answer being a big foodie is: What are your favorite foods? I find myself taking forever to answer this so called easy question because there is just so much food stuff out there. Don’t you agree? Paneer (cheese) has been my all-time favorite but I mean I just cannot ignore others (being a big foodie).

Well, I have found an easy way out because I chose to write about what my mom cooks. I love the food my mom cooks for me. After all who doesn’t? Mothers are the world’s finest chefs and cooks for every child. And on top of it, being in a hostel like me, far away from home makes “Ghar ka Khaana” (home-made food) a much more lively and exciting word for us. It has always been said that “Variety is the spice of life” and this proverb completely defines the food my mother cooks for us. She has this constant habit or I can say passion of trying out something ground-breaking and innovative.

What I am about to write about is something different and one would love to have it the most. In my opinion, Indian cuisine has just no utter comparison; people also like Italian, western food these days. So I thought of writing about this favorite dish of mine which is a perfect blend of both.

I really can’t remember when I first started having this delicious dishes she cooks. It is called the Cheesy-Lychee veggie. I mean she cooks it so well that I just cannot resist appreciating it to my friends even. A restaurant or two near our place also serve this dish in their own unique fashion. This is basically a vegetarian dish and I am sure most of the people will love this cuisine no matter what race, age, and gender they have.

This veggie can be really served as a main course for dinner along with others. This dish has litchi pulp filled with “khoya” inside it and the gravy is typical Indian style just like the typical creamy gravy of “Shahi Paneer” but a little more hint of spices into it. Some restaurants also make a covering of cheese on it and others serve it nude with fried cheese cutlets and salad. I personally like it more with these fried cutlets which my mom serves us. I mean I am the biggest cheese fan, after all! It tastes best with the butter-naan. Rice also tastes amazing with this cuisine.

This cuisine is a perfect combo of Indian cum western style recipe. It has all the stuff an Indian veggie has with a hint of western touch, the salads and the cheese. Whenever I visit home occasionally, I always request my mom to cook this veggie for me and I am sure whosoever will taste this will have a much better compliment than- NOT BAD!!