Growing Menace Of Eve Teasing In India: Time To Resist Mob Mentality

Posted on September 6, 2011 in Society

By Ritika Jain:

When asked to write about any issue close to my heart, I couldn’t decide one because I was fuming over what had happened with me in bus, only later to find that eve teasing was the issue burning in me.

Its not just about me but about every single female in a metropolitan city, specially in Delhi, which is known for its men, who come with an in-built x-ray machine in their eyes.

I was shocked to hear this incident from my colleague. One day while waiting on the bus stop for her bus, a coin suddenly hit her. She was absolutely bewildered as to where it came from only to later see few “school” boys in the bus, which had just passed by, laughing their lungs out on her. They meant to estimate her value!

The level of audacity that these so-called “kids” had, shook me completely.

Public transport system is like the nightmares for females. The buses provide the best opportunities to these loafers. There are so many girls who give up traveling in buses due to the daily ridicule they have to face just because they belong to the fairer sex.

Lately, the trend of rape in moving cars with tinted windows has become huge. The situation is so bad that girls cant freely walk on roads because you never know when men get a libido boost and you are off the road! And police and their assistance always remain out of picture.

Daily newspapers are full of news about brutal rapes, underage pregnancies etc. describing the incident and in the end of the article we read that the police is investigating!

The question is – for how long?

For how many generations will mothers keep on passing the same advice of avoid men and keeping calm in public – to their daughters?

I remember how my mom used to tell her college experiences of eve teasing just to make me feel that I am not alone facing it! She didn’t want me to be timid but wanted me to be strong and brave not to listen and sulk but to stand up and speak when needed.

I came across one article in The Hindu newspaper which correctly brought the cause of eve-teasing to fore. The analysis showed that most of the eve-teasers were school dropouts, unemployed and in their mid-20s. And yet there is evidence to suggest that the educated, employed and more “mature” people were not far behind. While, for instance, 124 of the 224 men arrested were unemployed, the remaining 100 were either engaged in private jobs or were self-employed.

Statistics were based on the data generated during a drive launched by the East Delhi police. The stereotypical upbringing becomes key here. A family where ladies are looked down upon and always considered inferior can never produce responsible citizens.

Also the diminishing sex ratio is one of the major causes of this menace. The time has come to think about proper solutions and implementation of laws. Society needs to break free from prejudiced image of women. India is an evolving nation where a major chunk of working class comprises of women. Society needs to accept the modern face of today’s lady and respect the change.

Recently the slutwalk organized in Delhi was one of the many efforts to raise issue of eve-teasing. It demanded answers behind blaming clothing, or way of walking  talking, for anything that happens with her!

Well, a lot has already been said about this issue. Time has come that instead of words actions start speaking. A lot of blame game has been played; women need to take up the charge for their own security.

Learn self defense. Carry pepper spray and a knife. Be brave. Speak not just for yourself but also for the one who needs your voice. Be confident, this is your life, don’t let anyone ridicule it. Resisting any wrong before is better than regretting later. God helps those who help themselves. Take a stand. Get out of mob mentality and be a leader.