Here I Come To A State Benumbed #POEM

Posted on September 1, 2011 in Society

By Reeti Singh

When thoughts are many, but voice is none,

When wounds are many, but pain is none,

When blinks are many, but sleep is none,

When feasts are many, but hunger is none.

When lights are many, but hope is none,

When  breaths are many, but sighs are none-

When laughs are many, but smiles are none,

Then , my friend, you are where I stand benumbed.


Tested for diseases all possible,

Doubted by many-

Trusted by none.

Surrounded by many, shielded by none,

Heard by many, believed by none-

Then , my friend, you are here-

Where I stand benumbed.


Can keep not quiet, but ears are none,

When silence is not quiet, but screams are none-

When you are all alone in a room, alone and with none,

And you still can feel someone, something lurking when shadows are none-

Then my, my dear friend you are here-

Where I stand, benumbed.


When every breath pierces deep in your chest,

When every step you take is a test-

When the sky above seems the same as the ground below,

When water is the same as the teardrops on your pillow-

When scars run deep,

And memories run deeper-

When bitter is sweet,

And delirium yet sweeter.


When questions are many, but answers are none-

When roads are many, but directions are none,

When the only solace lies in the veins of oneself-

When the stare into empty space is the one support, and none-

It is then, my dear friend, that you here-

Where I stand, benumbed.


Numbed and stilled-

Cautioned by my own shadow live now I,

Filthy, dirty, violated she-

That is what I feel when I peep and see,

The merry little girl known for her cheery little ways-

Jolly and bright,

Never ever quiet, never ever still-

I see her now stare ever in a hazy gaze.

All that they say of her now, my dear Sir-


“ When the heart is careless, and you mend not your ways-

When silence is a smoke-screen, a mere escape,

When the truth revealed is a lie foretold-

When all your screaming earn you a label of a whore,

When the call for help is a reach-out for more-

It is then that you deserve a solace no more.”


A quiet bundled heap, I lie here now,

Alone in a room, with a little white light-

Drip-drop a drop now falls,

Drip-drop, yet another flows to the floor-

Drip-drop, here I come,

Drip-drop, to a state benumbed.

Drip-drop, here I come…

Drip…drop…to  a state…benumbed….

Drip…drop…here…I come…

D…ri..p  d..rop …to a……  benumbed…