Not Safe In My City [Poem About Molestation In Public Transport]

Posted on September 23, 2011 in Society

By Udita Garg:

Happy I was,
for a new beginning awaited me.
I was happy as I was
nearer to my dreams.

With excitement and some anxiety
after sometime, I boarded a bus in my city
to reach my college on its first day,
and as I was on my way.

I still remember how comfortably,
how easily and fearlessly,
almost as if rightfully
those hands felt me!

I was disgusted,helpless and afraid;
the crowded bus was his aid.
I was angry and tearful
but mostly fearful.

I tried to hit him;
I tried to run away.
I was helpless and he,
shameless and unafraid!

I tried all I could
in hope, stop he would.
But my suffering ended
only with the journey.

And I was shocked
and almost shattered
the man who had stalked
me, to him it did not matter.

But I have this fear;
at nights have this tear.
The incident had shook me
and though it was not first time,
that this way some one took me
but I fear every day and night.

And sometimes in nightmares I fight
with shameless men who think they have right,
on every woman who pass by
but I still don’t have fearless nights.

Though it happened to me before too
but I, could really not get over through
the plight I suffered that day
and though I travel in bus each day

I can never travel fearlessly
as I don’t feel safe in my city.