The First Time: A Love Story

Posted on September 11, 2011 in Specials

By Rose Caroline:

A good weather, your favorite track on the radio, a text message from your best friend or a hug from the one you love are small occasions which bring immense happiness within you. And perhaps, these are the events which keep us going in life.

I met one of my very good friends after a span of 5 years and although we stayed in touch through phone, chatting for hours, we were speechless when we met face to face. All we did was just look at each other and smile. Some moments are just so special. I took him to all the places that I had promised him on the phone, making him travel in the metro for the first time.

Well, things that occur for the first time conquer a unique place in our hearts and I know most of you would add consent to this. It could be your first crush, the first time you drove, the first pay cheque or the first time you drenched yourself in the rain. Undoubtedly, every such episode gets stored in your memory making you chirpy and blissful.

Roshan and I spent a lot of time together chattering and revealing every thing we missed on. I had never been with any other guy for so long, roaming out and having fun. He was important for me in my own way and though he cracked his stupid jokes every minute, I loved them.

He loved soccer and I hated it. I loved Chinese and he hated it. We were extremes but what I knew was opposites attract and yes, I was attracted to him. I couldn’t verbalize my thoughts yet I wanted him to know everything. Every embrace of his pulled me nearer to him.

We crossed the road and headed towards my favorite restaurant. We sat opposite to each other and that was the best time in the entire day when I could gaze at him at a stretch. His smile, his pet names, his hands on my shoulders and his protective nature towards me compelled me to undergo something that was unusual.

“There’s something I want to say to you”, said my favorite guy. I responded to him in the best possible manner. “I am in love”, said he. I transformed into a body with no emotions. Nobody’s except my name was expected and I was clueless how I would respond this time. I started to chew the cold finger chip to calm myself down. Before I could even react to his statement, some unknown name hit my ears. “KRITIKA, my college friend”. My heart sank and I could no more swallow the mixture in my mouth that was a product of my nervousness. I again pondered on what he said. All it meant was that I was wrong. He held my hands and shook me but all I did was smile back at him.

It has been quite a long time since we met again and today when we talk our laughter just doesn’t seem to end. We are happy and content in our own lives. But I still remember the day as the first time I broke my heart.