What Do I Choose To Ignore? #POEM

Posted on September 10, 2011 in Society

By Digvijay Sisodia:

What do I choose to ignore
When my conscience fails to bear anymore
The everyday swindle that corrodes us?
Or the varied means by which democracy bites the dust?
Or tyranny at its deplorable summit while masses left to rust
Stagnating at the very roots,
They undermine the underlying truth
Incessantly gnaw the nation,
No respect or patriotic consideration

Painting by Daumier, Honore: The Uprising

Then they advertise national growth,
I ask what’s their contribution?
And who are they to tag a villain?
Or tag an enemy of the state?
When they dont resemble the national hero
Not even close, if I may say
When they serve a terrorist better than a guest
Millions spent on redundant tests!
My soul cant take it any longer
Tell me what do I ignore

What do I choose to ignore,
The suppressed desire to reside in peace,
When terror bombs every now and then,
Or the lure of under-table path to succeed,
As this is all my innocence has seen
For they are the ones who adulterated my world
Now accuse my remnant innocence?
This is how it has ever remained,
This is what they have maintained,
A cloak of deceit to hide the devil
But will they ever repent?
Pitiful weaklings, to be frank
Who dread the awakening of mine!
Its injustice if continue to overlook,
so tell me should I ignore?

But every dark cloud has a silver line,
The veil of deception shall vanish.
The sun will shine from across the mist
Redemption of nation would come
A new leader, true by the deepest meaning of the word,
Would bring a sensation anew,
And strive for harmony once known
And propel the country beyond the blue (sky).