A Lot Really Can Happen Over Coffee

Posted on October 9, 2011 in Specials

By Shubham Goyal:

The other day I was walking downtown when I came across the advertisement of Cafe Coffee Day. It’s not a new place for me as I have been there many times but never bothered to look elsewhere than my usual bird-watching. I don’t know what clicked in my mind that I started reading the whole advertisement. It was good and similar to the other ads but what made the difference was the punch line “a lot can happen over a coffee”.

This punch line is so true for every age group. In my memory flashed the moments I have been to CCD so many times for different reasons. I started recalling why I have been going there and what other people come over there for. Most of the times I have been there to enjoy some moments with my friends or to spend some quality time with someone I love. Many a times, I have also been there for my meetings with professionals or colleagues. It’s not about just me, I have observed most youngsters rolling in to celebrate, to have fun, to enjoy, to cherish sweet memories.

I have noticed elder people cracking deals, hatching new ideas over a sip of coffee. In fact, many love stories start over this magical drink and many come to an end. People study with a cup of coffee beside them and some need it while working. It is company for people in their most lonely times. It keeps you awake and active so people prefer it to be the first thing when they get up or the last thing when they feel sleepy. It is being served during the toughest signatures or when things get settled. Coffee has now become an indispensable part of our lives in today’s world. You just can celebrate, cry, start new relations, get rid of old ones, crack new deals, hatch new ideas and much more over a coffee. Indeed, a lot can certainly happen over a coffee. Really!

Do you have a story to tell? Something that happened with you over coffee? Do share in the comments section below.