Change Is The Only Constant, And It’s Better If You Accept It

Posted on October 13, 2011 in Specials

By Poorvika Vijayavargia:

Change is the law of the universe. — The Bhagvad Geeta

In this fast changing world, everything is changing but one thing which remains intact is the ‘Process of change’. Everything and everyone experiences change at some point of time and with respect to something or the other. Humans change, animals change, plants change and the non-livings are also no exception. They change too. Whatever is on this earth and in this universe goes through the process of change.

So if this ‘Process of change’ or ‘the change’ is so inevitable then why do we resist it so much? Why don’t we just go through the change and embrace it happily? Why this fear attached to change? Does it always harness something bad? Or is it all in our mind?

We humans are the most courageous and at the same time the most fearful. The things which make us the strongest, if they change a little, then that becomes our biggest weakness. We might climb Mt. Everest or reach the farthest point (North pole or south pole), we might fight the toughest of enemies and live in the harshest of weather but one common fear which all of us share is the fear of change.

Everybody likes permanency in their life, be it their job or their relationships. They need permanency in their health, wealth and breath. Often permanency is marked with stability and change is marked with mystery and apprehension. But usually what follows permanency is monotony and what follows change is revolution and reformation. I agree that with permanency, an air of stableness is maintained but for how long does that stableness last and doesn’t it start decaying after some time? And that is exactly when we need to go through the transition, the transition from moribund to dynamism and vitality. Because change brings with it – new beginnings, transformation and energy for revival and innovation.

Embracing and welcoming change is what makes people leaders and winners. Because they foresee the boons that change carries and develop the right attitude to overcome the fear of the new. Because they understand the fact that nothing stays forever and even if it stays forever it loses its charm it once had. And that is the time for makeovers and makeshifts. Look around and you’ll see examples where the top-notch professionals, the top leading companies came out of their already successful ‘success mantras’ and dared to come up with something new and bring in novelty. For instance, Airtel — the telecom giant, is more known for its illustrious and popular signature tune than its management and marketing achievements amongst the layman. I have never come across a single person who didn’t like it. But still, last year, the very famous signature tune was changed to something more peppy and contemporary. Whether the tune made the same impact or not, that is not the issue, what is more important is that they dared to change. Another recent major business change that happened was the splitting of Hero and Honda group and the former came out from the shadow of its old popular name with the new name ‘Hero Moto Corp’. Also how can we forget the Infosys founder and chief mentor N R Narayan Murthy (he is a firm believer of change himself) stepped down this year as chairman and gave way to KV Kamath signifying that change is necessary in each and every dimensions.

Change makes its presence felt everywhere. Be it the corporate sector, social sector. Governments change, leaders change. Fashion changes, music changes and sadly our relationships also change. People want a change and therefore they throw the existing government and bring in the new regime. Fashion changes, the old becomes new and the new becomes old. As per whatever knowledge I have about fashion, I have learnt that the old fashion reappears, with a little modification here and there and replaces the new one. And then after some time new emerges again. So it’s a cycle of old-new-old.

The last thing where we want a change is in our relationships. Yes, it is a bitter truth of life and usually carries melancholy. But then that is how it is. Lovers often complain that their partners are not the same anymore. Woeful change overrules love too. But that’s the part and parcel of life. And also you just never know someone better (read more handsome or more beautiful or whatever is your biggest lookout in a potential lover) might be waiting for you just round the corner, you just need to reach the corner though. Be brave, explore and move on.

Over the time we also undergo a change – physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. We don’t look the same all our life. We grow in height till a certain age and we grow in width throughout our lives. Changing waistlines, greying hair and wrinkles are the most dreaded changes. We undergo a change in our mental capabilities and abilities. We learn and experience a lot with time and that changes our mental outlook. Socially we change a lot, meet new people every day and with present day socializing ways (Facebook, twitter, etc.), our social status changes by leaps and bounds. And we almost always undergo emotional alterations.

Change at first instance may not seem good, but it has hidden blessings. We need to be a little braver and a little daring to fully explore and savour the different tastes it provides. Be a little more experimental and a pioneer in nature and you would find yourself at ease with change. Change brings people together, makes us smarter, opens up our minds and broadens our vision. Do not resist change, accept it graciously because it is said that whatever you resist, persists. Also, Change brings with it opportunities to rise and shine. Change is good, so embrace it, love it and make it yours.