Environment Is A Global Concern, Don’t Make It a Political Conflict

Posted on October 25, 2011 in Environment

By Vanshika Chaudhary:

In a short span of time, climate change has become one of the hottest topics of discussion in policy circles. After enormous efforts by the environmentalists and their groups, people and governments across the world finally appear to weigh up the problem seriously.

Global warming, the major reason behind climatic change, has changed the typical weather patterns drastically in the past few years. The heat of this drastic change has aroused the concern of the citizens as well as the government to frame certain laws to control the reasons causing global warming. The effects of global warming can be clearly seen in the delayed monsoons, scorching heat in the summers and freezing chills of the winters.  The climate has changed from moderate to extreme and is turning worse by the year.

Reasons behind this climate change, like pollution are not limited to geographical boundaries; therefore framing of the environmental laws should be done on an international level. Certain conferences like 1972’s United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, 1983’s World Commission on Environment and Development, 1992’s United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, 1992’s United Nations Conference on Environment and Development and 2002’s World Summit on Sustainable Development have acted as milestones in the framing of international laws.

In India various acts related to air pollution has been implemented to keep a check on air pollution, but not sufficient measures were taken to make people follow them strictly. Corruption has its roots everywhere and so industries get established without keeping a check on the pollution it causes, which further becomes a reason behind global warming and eventually, climate change. Education and training are also essential requirements for the enforcement of these environmental laws. The IUCN Academy of Environmental Law has about sixty law schools worldwide that specialize in the research and teaching of environmental law. ECOLEX is a worldwide gateway for Environmental Law. It is high time for the government to frame strict laws and policies to reduce the factors behind this climate change. And spreading awareness amongst the masses has become the demand of the current time to prevent the climate change from worsening and to keep the environment pollution-free.