Is Your College Brand Name Enough To Land You In Your Dream Job?

Posted on October 31, 2011 in Education

By Anshika Agarwal:

Attention Graduating senior! Wondering how far your college brand name will take you in terms of employment?

Well! Conventional wisdom states that you enter a prestigious college with a superhot brand name, earn a degree and thereby grab a secure place in the society. But if we think practically, are we really sure about it or are we really securing a place? So guys think once again, are all the efforts and the money we are putting in worth it? Many of us will bet it is.

Though if we look at the current employment scenario, I can lay on a wager that one is never going be hired based on “just” the brand name of one’s college. But I will not ignore the fact that being in a branded university can always act as an advantage for one to showcase ones potential talent and skills first, assuming the fact that the college will obviously have greater industry connections and links. If you’ve got admission in a so called “big and bang” college then that’s not it! Cracking some competitive exam and getting into a college is not the end, it does not always mean that one will land up with a handsome job. If we do think and have an analysis ourselves then are the CEO’s of these hi-fis, our dream companies only come up from the branded colleges? Today what matters most in my opinion is the cascade of knowledge you have and most important, the skills to apply that knowledge at the right place and at the right time.

What students need to look upon today is how they can grow and increase their knowledge pool. Even if you are in a giant college, how do you know that your dream company will hire you? Getting your dream job takes much more than just entering into a geeky college.  What companies look for today is not that from which college you are, but they how much dexterity you have in your field. Though we cannot say without a degree you can land up anywhere with your dexterity, obviously the companies have some pre-requisites for different jobs that needs to be qualified anyhow but it is never mentioned that students of only such college are invited in. So, your college brand name will of course make it easier for you to reach your goal but cannot assure a secure future or superb careers in one go. You need to grow all these skills overtime by learning and grasping as much as you can.

Having a right set of behavior hence is much more important than anything else. So I think this is high time for all the graduates to think about and start learning because only their college brand name is not enough to get them a job or a secure future are place in the society. Dream come true jobs will require a hell lot more effort. And I bet people who are already into jobs, after reading this will have this feeling of Déjà-vu!!