One Step Back, Two Steps Ahead – On The Fast Moving Gen-Next

Posted on October 6, 2011 in Specials

By Utsav Chaudhary:

The journey of life is the one with lots of ups and downs but inspite of everything it goes on. We have no control over it but what we can control is the way we live it. Generation Gap is the term we use to describe two different lifestyles. As we are moving ahead in life the generation which boarded the train for their journey of life while we were already experiencing the ride are not just one but many strides ahead of us. Despite being a step behind they are two steps ahead of us.

The comparison of growth rate based on standards of living between the two generations is completely futile. Everything which we think of, anything which we aspire of, things that our conscience restrict us to do might have been experienced by someone 5 years younger than us. Their swiftness is incomparable. We supposedly had to be their idols but as the earth revolved more around the sun the tables were turned and now we, the elders, remember how we were some years back our compare us to the lifestyle which the new generation is living and what we used to live and the results are quite astonishing to us. If we take a peek into the past what we portray is an image of an innocent child playing on streets with sheer guiltlessness dripping from the face.

Cutting out the flashback what we see today is a totally different world. The soft & cute stuffed toys are now replaced by hard and harmful gizmos. The sweet talks amongst the friends are now taken over by emotionless SMS. The mind developing inventions of new games on the street have been superimposed by eye burning video games. Not just this but the kind of language they use might get you into a shock & it is really hard to believe a 12-year old talking like that. The choice of cinema they watch might as well force you to pull your hair out. Only 6 years ago when we were 12, the girls repelled the boys. We were too shy to interact with girls. In fact, talking to a girl was considered a crime and a matter of shame amongst the boys’ fraternity of that age-group in school but now having a stable relationship (apparently!) is in vogue.

Well as we know that each thing that is taking place on this earth has its pros & cons. After lighting the cons of faster development now let us take a look the pros.

All the development we witness around the world indicates that one has to match its steps with it and march faster in order to set its pace with the world – the younger generation is doing just that. In this context the young brigade is getting more and more responsible and are getting a much clearer vision of the future. It might not be the right age to be responsible but this is the path they made for themselves. I am not against this development but I just want them to check every step as it falls, that is how they can perfect their walk. I would like to say two lines for the gen next ‘Waqt se hui takkar toh aaj mujhe chalna aagaya,Gir gir k ab mujhe sambhalna aagaya’. I wish the young brigade a prosperous life through every stage as it passes by.