Philosophy Isn’t Silly! It’s An Idea You Believe In

Posted on October 29, 2011 in Specials

By Vanshika Chaudhary:

The English word “Philosophy” comes from the Greek word Philosophia, which literally means ‘love of wisdom’. Philosophy can be defined as a set of ideas and beliefs which might vary from individual to individual as no two individuals think the same. Philosophical thinking had brought many revolutions in the World History like Renaissance. It gave people the freedom to think and courage to express themselves openly which further led to the development of society.

Fraternity, Liberty and Equality, were the three ideals introduced in the middle age which are followed by the people of 21st century too. Philosophy in 21st century can be realistic as well as dreamy again depending on a person as against another.

If one can make people understand and believe his ideologies, his philosophy turns out to be a realistic one and the person who fails to do this turns out to be a day-dreamer. The people of 21st century believe in rational and logical thinking. They are not space cadets. Rather they believe in having a practical approach towards everything: so just living with a set of beliefs and ideologies is not the way people adapt today. If these ideals prove their worth in the practical world it turns out to be realistic else they are gone with the wind!

Practicality is not the only aspect that matters when it comes to realistic philosophy, Power also matters! Adolf Hitler is a renowned personality, he too was a philosopher. But he also possessed the strength to make his philosophy come true in the real world by hook or by crook. He made everyone follow his philosophies in his reign whereas Satya Sai Baba who too preached philosophy said himself to be one of the reincarnations of God, was a philosopher from a different planet.

Although he had lots of followers, there were also some who laughed at his ideologies. So we can conclude that a person who has power can have realistic philosophy because he has the power to implement his ideas in the practical world. Those who cannot, are lost in dream philosophy where he himself believes in his own ideals along with some kindred spirits.

Philosophies from various individuals keep contradicting each other but people from modern age basically go for those which are not mere imaginations and beliefs, but convincing and practical as well. People always look for those ideals which would help them with their survival in the modern era. So no philosophy is realistic or dreamy, it always depends on the person. If your philosophy is relevant in today’s times, if it is applicable in the Blackberry era, if it is tuned in to the vagaries of modernity, then you might just well be fit for the post of philosopher-in-chief.