TATA First Dot, Powered By NEN Invites All Young Entrepreneurs!

Posted on October 9, 2011 in Specials

‘TATA First Dot, powered by NEN’ has launched India’s first Student Start-up recognition and mentoring programme.  Youth Ki Awaaz is delighted to be a partner in this program, and will be bringing you updates over the next few months.

Tata and NEN have developed TATA First Dot, powered by NEN, a strong national platform consisting of multiple strands, to support India’s youngest entrepreneurs. Last year, the inaugural First Dot competition and seminar, conceived and led by NEN Chennai E Leaders, far exceeded expectations: 140 student venture participants, and over 650 participants in event at SSN in January.

This year, TATA has partnered with NEN to create TATA First Dot, powered by NEN. The partnership with the TATA group is highly valuable and will help provide richer support to many more young entrepreneurs.

This multi-stage programme includes:

  • Regional workshops
  • National judged competition
  • People’s choice competition
  • 2 day conference including award event
  • Ongoing mentoring programme for the competition winners.


Here are the ways in which you can participate:

Are you a Student Entrepreneur?

If yes, this is the platform for you. Enter the TATA First Dot Competition and get two shots at winning — with one entry you join both the TATA First Dot Competition, judged by eminent panel of judges, and the TATA First Dot People’s Choice competition, where online voters choose 5 winners. The winners of both competitions will be recognized at the TATA First Dot Award Ceremony and Conference, in January.

Nominate yourself. Deadline for nominations is October 31. Nominations that meet the competition criteria will automatically be entered into both competitions.

Workshops: You may also be interested in joining in a TATA First Dot Workshop, powered by NEN, to polish your business plan and network. For more information about a workshop in your city, check calendar.

You, and your venture, will get a lot of attention, support, mentoring, and connections. And most of all, you will have a great time being a part of the exciting entrepreneurial scene.


Student with a brilliant idea, but not yet started a company?

Do you want to be an entrepreneur… soon? Do you have a unique idea for a business venture, and a dream to make it big? Draw your first dot and register to participate in the TATA First Dot Conference, get connected to India’s youngest and most exciting entrepreneurial community, and gain the tools to make your dreams turn to reality.

Come join the fun at the TATA First Dot Conference in Chennai, January 6 & 7. Registrations for the event open on October 10, 2011. So mark the date, and come back and register! 


For everyone who loves a great start-up:

Do you want to help India emerge an even stronger entrepreneurial nation? Are you family or friends with a competing student entrepreneur?

If the answer is yes to either of the above, go online, check out the great start-ups, and VOTE to get them noticed at TATA First Dot People’s Choice competition.

Voting opens November 15.

For more information about ‘TATA First Dot, powered by NEN’ and to enter the competition, visit http://www.tatafirstdot.com or contact Sharanya at sharanya@nenglobal.org