7 Workplace Disasters To Avoid

Posted on November 8, 2011 in Specials

By Harsha D:

Etiquette is a prerequisite at work. More so, because poor behavior is considered to be a major reason for layoffs during these times of recession. Surprised? Here are a few things you ought not to do when you are at work.

1. Using Social Networking Sites at work

While it is important to be active on social media for professional purposes, sometimes, it is extremely important that you don’t utilise your workstation for accessing websites such as facebook and twitter. Sometimes checking mail or Youtube videos become habitual and become a major distraction when working. The websites you visit are traceable by your company and visiting any prohibited sites could cost you your job.

2. Inappropriate Clothing

Casual Friday is perhaps the one day of the week you look forward to. But remember, casual Friday does not mean you can dress up the way you like. You don’t have to be fashionable or trendy, all your company expects you is to put on clean clothes and have groomed hair. While appearance does make an impression, it is hygiene that carries brownie points.

3. Gossiping at office

While gossip sounds like a great way to connect with colleagues and relieve stress, it actually does the opposite. You would worry if there are people who gossip about you right behind your back. So how do you avoid it? If you happen to hear it, keep it to yourself. You would not want to be known as the office gossip monger as co-workers or superiors are less likely to trust you then. And if the trust level goes too low, you will be asked to leave.

4. Diplomacy is important.

It is extremely essential that you are diplomatic while taking a stance at office. It implies that you respect both sides of the argument ensuring that no one gets offended. It also boosts relationships with everyone and ensures a better work experience. Also humour and sarcasm at office should be avoided as most people probably do not enjoy the same sense of humour you do.

5. Blaming others

When it’s your fault, stop blaming others and accept your mistake as working professional is about maturity. Also, you would rather be embarrassed for a few moments by admitting the fact you made a mistake than be branded as a liar. When under criticism, do not become too defensive. By doing so, not only will you lose value in front of your superiors, you will also be less effective at work thus making yourself more dispensable.

6. Harrasment of any sort!

It is extremely important that you avoid hitting on your employees as it could be a sexual harassment suit waiting for you. Also avoid bullying of any sort as most companies classify it as inappropriate behaviour at work and can ensure you don’t get a job elsewhere either.

7. Don’t let the Hangover be too evident

Sure you had great fun at the party last night, but make sure that when you’re at work, your hangover isn’t evident. If you have work the following day, avoid drinking heavily. If you have a hangover, avoid going to office that day. That way you’ll save some face and your job too.