F.R.I.E.N.D.S: A Sitcom That Became An Obsession

Posted on November 24, 2011 in Media

By Utsav Chaudhary:

In 1994, 6 friends began their journey on the small screen & ended it 10 years later but not before multiplying themselves into millions. This super successful TV series had many viewers & moreover, tons of admirers which helped it reach the place it is today. The always Sarcastic & funny ‘Chandler’ (Matthew Perry), The smart paleontologist ‘Ross’ (David Schwimmer), The hot imbecile actor ‘Joey (Matt Le Blanc), The uncanny blonde ‘Pheobe’ (Lisa Kudrow), The sweet & sexy ‘Rachel’ (Jennifer Aniston) & the scrupulous ‘Monica’ (Courtney Cox) formed the cast of the show.

The show aired its’ 10 seasons & yet we wished there were more. FRIENDS keeps you glued to the TV sets and the popularity of the show can be judged by the fact that the repeats of it are still being shown on TV. The series is a situational comedy which revolves around the lives of 6 friends & how they tackle the various problems in the battlefield of life without drifting the plot away from the genre of the show i.e Comedy. Keeping a smile on their faces they also ensure that it remains there on the face of the audience.

In one decade that belonged to FRIENDS, it changed the orthodox rule of having friends. Everyone now craved to have a group like the one in FRIENDS. Apart from the group, they probably wanted a girl friend as hot as Jennifer Aniston or have a sense of humor as breathtaking as Matthew Perry. The curtain to the show fell in 2004 but the essence of it is still felt in the air. Watching FRIENDS is still as enjoyable as used to be before. But we, the die-hard fans won’t mind if a season 11 comes showing their lives 8 years from where the story ended.

Possible things that we would love in the new season would be Chandler & Monica facing a financial crisis which lands them back to the famous apartment of FRIENDS which is there in all the seasons. Joey despite growing old is still single and living his Casanova life, the “How You Doin’ ” of his is still as charming as ever. Rachel & Ross are married but still have that empty void that can only be filled by the group. Phoebe who was married to Mike is feeling lonely as Mike stays out most of the time after being a famous pianist. These circumstances lands up all of them together again to “Central Perk” where it all began.

Over the years after FRIENDS went off air, many sitcoms were made and were hits as well but still FRIENDS remained the quintessential sitcom. Even after watching the repeats it feels as if it’s your first glimpse at the episode. The joke you heard so many times that you can even consider giving a title of a cliché, sounds incredibly funny just because it was from Chandler. Some people (like me) are really obsessed by this TV series & would want this to be immortal. A new episode of FRIENDS everyday is something that will be similar to oxygen for my body.