India’s Need Of The Hour Is A True Leader

Posted on November 1, 2011 in Politics

By Mohul Raj Singh:

He is Charming yet committed, a pain healer, magnetic yet stable, he is a life savor and he is not even JAMES BOND.

My chagrin knows no bounds when ever Shamaya, my best friend asks me to write a column for her, just because she was too busy discussing Saturday night parties with her friend. Oh, I didn’t tell you, she aspires to be a journalist some day and ‘writes’ a column for Times of India every Sunday.

Remember the last time I wrote that article for her ‘Moving on with friends’ people actually read it and this has inspired me to write yet again but this time it has to be about the country.

Now what kind of a topic is that? It’s not easy to write. Shut up, will you, I told my sister who was busy reading Twilight and praising its protagonist ‘Edward Cullen’

‘Now, He is a guy’, she repeated. She had made that statement umpteen numbers of time. Oh really? But dear sister, this will not make him come out of the book, bend on his knees and propose to you…

‘I wish he does it…Lucky Bella…..’ She continued, ‘He is an ideal guy, … a guy who is charming, got thousands of girls dangling around him and yet he is committed to Bella. A guy who stands by her girl through thick and thin.’

Dear sister, stop praising’s so boring!

He should have a magnetic personality and at the same time he should be stable in life, focused and determined. And just like Edward Cullen, he should fight courageously all the difficulties and emerge victorious like a true hero in the end.

“Stop now, will you?”

She would say the same all the time but this time she has given me a wonderful idea! Thank you Sister and Thanks Edward.

What if there was a girl called India? Her husband would be her leader. What would she want her Prince charming to be like? What would she look for in her perfect guy? May be strength, may be bravery or may be exactly what my sister wanted because India, like any other girl, has the same dreams.

India’s man should be able to charm every body. He should be chosen unanimously and no apposition should exist. We don’t want our leaders listening to only their voices in Parliament.

But this charm of his should not make him lose his focus. He should be committed to partnership and collective team work   for the good of million and not to the business of misruling the nation.

India’s leader should never be indifferent towards the voice of million of voiceless voters. He should be a visionary and not a power monger. She wants a leader who will look after her during her toughest times, some body who has the capability of execution and is willing to go against the tide with the courage of conviction. His ideas, principles should be appreciated by every body in the world. His integrity and ethics will make his personality magnetic. But that the fact that he is a blue eyed boy, should never make him lose stability. He should be consistent with his ideas unlike BJP who initiated nuclear deal but voted against it just because they couldn’t see Congress to get the credit for completing the deal.

We don’t want icons like Amitabh Bacchan or an Ms Dhoni; we want a common man to be our leader, a seasoned man who has seen all the shades of life, who has had his share of ups and downs. A James Bond will never understand the grievances of the farmers who committed suicides, when unable to make a profit.

Let’s face it that the country is facing its darkest hours, the crisis of leadership. We don’t want somebody who only hear the clink of money and ringing of electoral bells.

There exists no Utopian world, only a good leader can create it, a good leader can understand solve our teething problems. A leader from this young vibrant population who’s all set to take on the odds  and take this country to greater heights …Otherwise India, like my sister would just keep waiting for her prince charming, who will never arrive.

“He will come on horse back, grand and gay.”