Old Saga In New Cover: Revolution 2020 #Book Review

Posted on November 14, 2011

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By Adeena Jamal:

So another Chetan Bhagat hits the stand. Fifth to be precise.The book is a Bollywood script with all the drama and jazz. Chetan Bhagat knows the Indian psyche and how to play around with it and thus has the best money making formula in his hand. He knows the little aspects of education and corruption that ignite the fire in the millions of Indians and that is exactly what he talks about. His new venture is the same old saga, without any unpredictable angles redefining the read. 296 pages later and you shall probably be amused to have probably sailed through a melodrama that is nowhere close to a literary classic.

The book starts with little friendship that blooms into a love story in Varanasi. The book begins to highlight the discrimination in the education set up of the country and the persistent corruption in every aspect. To start with Chetan Bhagat has tried all efforts to explain the rather redundant scenario of engineering coaching classes and the fact as to how there are such little seats. And that is where he gains the brownie points. Talk something half the country’s youth is worried about.

The book has a very clichéd ending that was predictable going by the stereotypes set by Chetan Bhagat and the Bollywood masala flicks. Even an ardent fan of Chetan Bhagat might be disappointed if you expect a lot of revolutionary stuff from the book. CB knows not how to deviate from his traditional style. By the time you are half way through you can perhaps guess the ending.(yes! It is predictable yet again) It is a regular love saga with a new age modern backdrop that has been incorporated with certain upcoming topics of national interests and written in a typical Chetan Bhagat style.

The book’s title could have been anything else, for Revolution 2020 is not the major theme in the book .Moreover; the title does not justify the storyline. An absolute folly in the title which sounds more like a superhero comicstrip.

The book was extended too long and dealt with aspects that were barely required and were present only to elongate the story and not add any substance to it. The first hundred pages were too long and could be dealt in a lesser word limit.

The grammar yet again is nothing that can be applauded about. It has its loopholes. Yet it is the grammar that would probably be understood by the masses. It has slangs and a jargon that the Indian youth use today. And something that sells. The language of the book is best suited for people who have just been introduced to the world of reading but will probably choke a refined reader. It is a breezy read that will leave no impression in the minds of the reader.

The rage that once was created by Chetan Bhagat amongst readers seems to be slowly dying. The charisma is lost and with the repeated style of writing, the audience wants to read something more impressionable. The saga by Chetan Bhagat might keep alluring the masses with the spoilt grammar and clichéd storylines. If you expect Chetan Bhagat to deviate out of his writing style, you are in for some major shock.

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