Probability, Pragmatism and Punctuality: Three Principles Programming A Prosperous Journey Of Life

Posted on November 4, 2011 in Health and Life

By Ajay Rana:

Life begins with our de novo synthesis of consciousness right from the birth. Our mind starts to think and relate with the immediate surroundings. It grows slowly and then starts to mature not only in size but also in thinking. The first and foremost thing that comes and remains forever is making our livelihood in this world with the future vistas of living a happy and luxurious life. From my standpoint I think that heading the journey of life eventually requires three principles which are essential for attaining a good and prosperous life here in this world.

Probability: A gross picture in developed in our brain before executing the work that we have to perform. The gross picture is everywhere, be it in our routinely private jobs, provided jobs or official work in the office. This is very true and is eventually required to give a damn performance of the job assigned to us. We should be conscious of what we are going to do and how it is going to affect the contemporary environment. The probability of doing our work should be felt each time that is how, when and in what quantity we want to execute it.

Pragmatism: Being practical is walking with the natural laws with the sole aim of executing the job assigned without thinking about the consequences. There should be no probability element attached with it. It should go with the exactness of work and nature. Therefore sometimes it is essential that we should feel the self that reside inside and incite us. Selfishness is not a bad thing unless and until it is going to put the others interest in jeopardy or violating the natural laws.

Punctuality: Alertness of mind to accomplish work in time comes from the fear factor. Never be late for any work nor do it early when it is not required. Those who work in vague and emotions are always bitten up in the laziness of time. Time is clicking on and on right from the big bang of the universe and our life resides within a fraction of any of the single click. The right click always bags happiness with attached surest probability and pragmatism in it.