When It Is Not Enough #POEM

Posted on November 11, 2011 in Society

By Ayushi Vats:

I Want to-

Sway In Your Arms. Now and Again.
Walk With You In Dry And Rain.

Your Presence Around Me Pleases Every Pain.
So love Me Now And Love Me Again.

I crave for you as FANATICALLY
As I crave For that “INTERRUPTED DREAM”
That should have reached the “desired” End and
Made it a moment cherished by me for good when
I woke up to the World Of Reality.
I want you. I crave for you this fanatically.

I want you as zealously as I had wanted
That first breath, out of the mother’s womb
I want you is all I know
And I will want you till I am advanced to the catacomb

I will conceal your presence as I am afraid
I will save you from all the prophecies and omen
I will love you till I am over
And I will love you till I am born again.

So Come and Come Closer, let the closeness be redefined
As for me Close is never closer, So let the closeness be redefined

Let the love be Insufficient, Let me urge for more
Let you be the donor and then you should lure

The breeze that flows, accelerates and slows
As you walk nearer and the nascent passion grows

Love Me and Love Me till the Brim
Love me when its dark and love me when its dim
Love me so much that you only love me
Love me so much as Loving is No Sin.