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Youth In Egypt Dying Over Struggle For Democracy [Exclusive From Egypt]

Posted on November 27, 2011 in GlobeScope, The Opinionated

By Anshul Tewari:

The fight for freedom in Egypt has taken over a new turn with the citizens of the country fighting yet again for freedom. After the ousting of Hosni Mubarak, the whole world’s view that the country would be free again was proven wrong when the military in power did not organize democratic elections. Egypt has been under military rule since the 1952, and continues to be in control of the country till date.

According to our sources in Egypt, “thousands were in street asking the army to define the date when they shall leave… and some decided to sit in till they hear an answer (sic)… Next day the police started to disperse them brutally.. and when people went down to defend civilians, the army stood with the police against them… More than 30 died, and 1500+ injured (some with very serious injuries, and some went blind since they were being shot at in the eyes) and that’s in less than 48 hours! The army doesn’t want to apologize.. and people are furious.”

Power corrupts, and a live example is what we see in Egypt today. It is heart wrenching to see photos and visuals of the daily struggle of hundreds of youth in the country, who are doing whatever they can to establish a democratic government to lead the country. This pure thought was long snatched away from them. Looking at the current condition of the country, it is only in the best interest of the economy and polity to have a freely and democratically elected government.

The atrocities of the Army are not contained to the level of hitting and killing people with gun shots. “They are throwing CR gas on us! an internationally declared chemical weapon!”.

CR causes intense skin irritation, particularly around moist areas, blepharospasm causing temporary blindness, coughing and gasping for breath, and panic. It is capable of causing immediate incapacitation. It is a suspected carcinogen. It is toxic, but less so than CS gas, by ingestion and exposure. However, it can be lethal in large quantities. In a poorly ventilated space, an individual may inhale a lethal dose within minutes. Death is caused by asphyxiation and pulmonary edema. The effect of CR is long-term and persistent. CR can persist on surfaces, especially porous ones, for up to 60 days.

Even though the Army is in control, youth in Egypt are certain that they will win this battle for freedom. “Well, though theoretically they have power, realistically we are 85 million civilians. While, at most, our army is half a million. I don’t think they can continue with such stupidity for long… people will over throw military power… we are kind of determined to do it once and for all”, said another source of Youth Ki Awaaz from Cairo, Egypt.

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