Cut Down The “What If…”, Make An Effort, Choose The Right Things

Posted on December 20, 2011 in Specials

By Shaily Chauhan:

There is this human nature that we are never satisfied with what we have. I am not saying it’s a good or a bad thing but it is a fact. It can be perceived as good and bad according to different situations. The reason why I started with this statement is because recently, my close friend got placed in a software company, with an average pay package. She had been trying very hard to get placed since the beginning of her 4th year of engineering, but now that she is  placed, I can’t see the satisfaction on her face. I asked her the reason, so she said that some big companies are coming in the next few days and she is preparing for them. Well, it made me realize that in this case “satisfaction” of getting a job will not really do her good; it may even extinguish the desire to compete further. But do you remember the exclamations and comments the whole country made when Prashant (KBC contestant) lost 1 crore and came down to 3 lakh twenty thousand in the bid to win 5 crores. In that case, we all hailed him as a greedy fool.

But it was really just another case where the person wasn’t satisfied and wanted more. So, you see we can’t really afford to be unsatisfied every time as there are infinite things we desire in life and if you want to have everything you have to be God (or maybe direct descendant of Forbes 100 richest).

I hate the sentences which begin with “I always wanted…” as this tone reveals certain characteristics. I am a firm believer in Kareena Kapoor’s dialogue in Jab We Met “What you really want, with all your heart..YOU WILL GET IT!” She also puts down Aditya (Shahid’s character) with another dialogue somewhat like “Life isn’t over… Don’t talk like you are an old man”. What’s wrong in saying “always wanted…”? You say, well nothing as such but if you always wanted then wouldn’t you have found a way to get it and not just keep on wanting it. Whatever that “it” may be or is it that you don’t want it anymore? Are you tired of waiting or making efforts? Did only the mere idea of having “it” made you more excited? Do you feel haunted by these questions? (Sorry about the last question…don’t question my intelligence, I was just having too much fun by pretending to be a movie lawyer, who ask all these question to terrify the accused and makes him reveal the truth).

Going back, we always want something or the other every day, at every moment but do we really make an effort, our best possible effort each time? I don’t think so otherwise we would be perfect. Right? It is also not necessary to do that as there are many things you want, even without them you can go on and have a satisfied life. So what is the main motto here? In my opinion it is “Just choose the right things carefully for which you don’t want to be unsatisfied about and don’t look back and regret about the other things”.

It is something which I follow and that is why most of the time you will find a smile on my face. It does not make me less serious about life. It just helps me not to waste my time on regrets and ponder on the world’s most mind boggling scenario “What if…” which is actually the root cause of all the unwanted strains which we love to gift to our subconscious brain. At this point, I feel like patting myself — for the poetic words which might someday make history… I live in hope!