Darkness Rests Here #POEM

Posted on December 14, 2011 in Society

By Ayushi Vats:

Let the Darkness prevail.
Hindered be the view. My sight restricted.
I am not deprived of any prospects.
Darkness lets me imagine.
It makes me dream. It’s the truth to me.
I am filled up till the brim when I dream.
And that is the only eternal verity.

Light hampers it. It elicits me out of my mind’s eye.
I am alone, when I am surrounded. I am mute, when I speak.
I am wounded to walk. I am blind when I look.

I am mighty when held.
I flow when constrained
I want to be what I cannot
Not viable? Why?

I am beautiful too.
I voice too.
I rise. I breathe. I pray. I lay.
I cry. I laugh. I fall. I stumble.
I am. I am. Am I not? I want. Is that the fault?

Flourish before I decay.
Nourish before I am the prey.

Envy. Loath. Lust. Pride.
Gluttony. Wrath. Greed.
Descend upon my chest.
Belittle me.
Embrace me into acedia.
I am away from belief now.
I am at bay from relief now.

I am Alone. I am Darkness.
I am Envious. Lustful. Prideful.
I loathe. I plant greed.
I am not reverential. I don’t know altruism.
I keep to me. In the Dark, I hold onto me.
Yes, Dark and Dim. Gloom and Grim.

Darkness, shall prevail. Perish.

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