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Defaming Goa: Does It Really Show The Right Picture?

Posted on December 7, 2011 in Society

By Utsav Chaudhary:

Alcohol, drugs, sex and beach are the first things we relate Goa with. The smallest state of India has a reputation worse than an independent nation might possess. Is Goa really how we portray the image of it, or is there another side to it?

Goa is one of the prime tourist destination of India & apart from its derogatory characteristics it has some of the most beautiful beaches in India. The ancient churches are a delight to watch. The Goan culture, food & the people who follow the Goan tradition all add to the natural beauty of this state. The houses are painted with colors that we hate, but come across as a pleasing tradition & trend of Goa. The Traditional music acts as a dessert accompanying the culture of Goa which is a delicacy.

Even after possessing such marvelous dispositions, it is often alluded as the booze capital of India. Who is trying to malign this paradise of India? Probably the answer to this query is lying around us: Bollywood Movies. Many of the Indian movies have shown Goa as the chief location for illicit acts. ‘Dum Maaro Dum’ a movie released this year showed Goa as the epicenter of drug dealing. Another movie ‘Murder 2’ which is also a 2011 release displayed Goa as a place where paid sex & murders are frivolous issues for criminals. One more 2011 flick ‘Singham’ portrayed Goa as an unlawful & a corrupt state. Many others movies also have left no stones unturned to vilify this lovely destination.

Everyone who lives outside Goa has an urge to visit the place because of the atrocious image it has (which attracts people who love booze and raves). It is considered as a place where it is easy to get sex, a place where alcohol is cheap & a place where doing drugs isn’t a big deal. All this is because we are all under the influence of the Goa we see in the ‘reel’ life. In real life it contradicts its reel image. This has been a matter of concern for years & the state government has even requested the filmmakers to show what is real.

Goa might be the place where it is easy to get alcohol & drugs than the other states but that does not strike out the fact that it does not happen anywhere else. Crime resides there where humans live, so be it Goa or any other place, acts against the law will exist. Defaming only Goa to bring up these serious issues in front of people is not appropriate. It surely informs us about the stern issues that the society faces but along with this it maligns the reputation of this wonderful place.