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Do You Ever Use The Foot-over Bridge, Or Let Your Life In Danger?

Posted on December 2, 2011 in Specials

By Utsav Chaudhary:

How often do we see people crossing the road from a foot over bridge or a subway? The answer to this would end where the majority would say ‘not often’. “My destination is two blocks away, only an insane person would climb two flight of stairs and reach there, I can cross this road without help” , this is something that runs in the minds of the people crossing roads around us. This may save 30 seconds of their time or may not but they are probably unaware that using this extra time could probably bring them out of the slight danger that may prevail on the road, although the threat is not a minor one but of that category that leads to the end of your life.

A driver driving at 80kmph bends down to pick up his phone which he eventually dropped while 100 meters ahead a ‘valiant’ man is crossing the moving road. He looks up and sees the warrior in front of his car but it is too late to brake his vehicle out & our ranger is stuck in the middle and BAMN!!! The person who won hundreds of battles on the same road jeopardizing his life is now dead. No matter how many times you imperil your life out there & succeed, just one failure could end it once and for all. Life is a strange conundrum, even if you solve it every time the one time you fail & it is gone forever.

People are ignorant of the fact that the subways & the foot over bridges are made from the taxes they pay to the government. A dilapidation of their own money occurs if no one uses them. These means of crossing are made to avoid road accidents but if we don’t use them & road deaths toll rises up every time then who is to be blamed? The Government won’t reduce the taxes if they see us not using the subway. So why not take full benefit of something that is ours.

Most of us drive cars, so looking at this aspect from the view point of a driver concludes that whenever someone is in front of our cars & we have to slow down because of him, it annoys us & the ‘silver lining’ noticing a foot over bridge in that area turns this vexation into agitation & we end up mouthing a tirade. So being a pedestrian if we commit the same error, we are surely on the receiving side of this abuse.

Being the responsible citizens of this nation & the intense lovers of our own life, we all should now use only subways & FOBs to cross the roads. For people who don’t value their lives, the law should step up and take them to their stage of realization probably by collecting fines which may be of tiny amount. But shedding those extra bucks everyday would change their path & the often used subway would now be seldom used by people.