Introducing ‘Samajhdar Sintu’, India’s First Environmental Comic Strip

Posted on December 23, 2011 in Environment

Leading our efforts to sensitize the youth on issues of importance, Youth Ki Awaaz is proud to partner with Samajhdar Sintu, a weekly comic strip being introduced on, with the aim of generating environmental awareness.

Come every Friday, YKA will feature a comic strip to encourage the youth to save the environment. While we are quite sure that you are already doing your bit, we would love for you to share this comic strip with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc.

Now over to Sintu. 😉


Hey buddies, I am Sintu. ‘Samajhdar Sintu’ as they say. I am the lead character of India’s First Environmental Comic Strip. A 7 year old comic boy who gets an opportunity to reach 40000+ schools in India through Times of India – NIE edition. I preach about following environment friendly ways to lead your life to a greener path. The world is facing many changes as we all know. This is an attempt to bring to the notice of people the various affects we are entitled to face and the various everyday methods we can adopt to do our best and contribute less to the ever increasing harms to our environment. Follow me and learn more about the world around you. I will be reaching to you weekly through Youth Ki Awaaz now on.

What Is So Different?

Samajhdar Sintu is a rather rational approach towards means to be the change. Rather than just preaching about environment, we have discovered the best means to adopt in our daily life. Many things go unnoticed and ultimately result in a great havoc. But we are trying to bring everything into notice of the common man so that harms can be reduced and sustainable development can be done.

From 24th of December, you can even log in to which is going to be India’s First Environmental Search Engine. You can find in all your environmental solutions there.

You can also follow Sintu on Facebook at

So to begin, here is our first Samajhdar Sintu strip. As always, we love feedback.