It Disgusts Me For Always Having Been A Part Of The Crowd, Time To Wake Up!

Posted on December 22, 2011 in Society, Volunteerism

By Angana Prasad:

Disgusting, literally means causing revulsion or strong disapproval of something, or simply something which makes us feel yucky… and our heart goes eeks…! I often run out of fingers when it comes to counting the number of things that make me say “O my god! What the …”.

Imagine those little kids on the streets, tattered clothes, yellow teeth, smelly, running nose… how they hold my hands and touch my feet with their dirty hands, begging for alms.

Monsoon time, the most romantic season of the year, pleasant weather, green everywhere, it showered some time back, there are potholes on the streets, a car goes by and splash… my new pink skirt is spoiled!

My best friend’s birthday, we have a treat at McDonalds, ‘Aapke zamaane mein Baap ke zamaane ka price’, I have a taste of Aloo tikki burger, I don’t like it, so I dump the rest in the bin, the waiter comes, picks up the bin and empties it in the Municipality bin outside. I walk out and see an old man in tatters picking out the half eaten burgers, sitting under the tree next to a stray dog, and hungrily nibbling onto his feast…

Homeless beggars, living in the abandoned buildings of the railways, defecating in the open, cleaning their backside from the same drain in which they had defecated.

Rakhi Sawant, titillating videos, bold remarks, publicity stunts, revealing dress, not even an iota of sophistication and definitely seems to have no self-respect.

All of these have the unique quality to evoke a feeling of nausea and send a goose flesh running down any person who sees it. How hopelessly DISGUSTING they are, and each time I think of this, can only remark “Which pit is humanity descending into?”

It disgusts me every time, every minute, every second, but gets worth with the realization of how I have led this to happen… Had I ever cast a vote, I could have had a government that could have saved my pink skirt. The roads would have been nice always and no pothole would have gone splash. My father should never have pampered me enough that I should waste my food, forgetting about the ones who could even eat out of a municipality bin. I should never have left my tap running open while brushing my teeth, that today I see them washing from potholes and drains. Why had I been judgmental about girls who slept their way to the top, never understanding what should lead another Rakhi Sawant to the making, who has to sell her body to earn her bread.

It disgusts me for always having been a mere part of the crowd and simply watch things happen, to never do what I should have and never get bothered till my own ease was hindered. So, it finally stands at having a responsible opinion of what is happening around us and work actively as the need may be, rather than letting the disgust get the better of us. I’ve written this bit in the first person because it actually had struck me as a thought as to how irresponsible I had personally been, each time I took to blaming someone for something I did not like… Young as we are, the best we can be is to develop a perspective, build an opinion and be active against the evils that we keep pointing at.

Photo by David Shankbone from Flickr.