“It’s A Girl! Oh No!… Oh Well!” : Girl Child Bias In India

Posted on December 14, 2011 in Society

By Tejaswini Beerapu:

When a woman gives birth to a child, what she goes through might not be simple enough to describe and maybe even she herself would not do a good job. Is she thinking how the baby is going to look like? Is she thinking if the baby is healthy or is she curious to find out if its a boy to be ecstatic about it or if its a girl to be worried how she is going to protect the “girl” child.

The obvious reason for the gender test to be illegal in countries like China and India is the preference of a boy over a girl. But, what is the big difference? Is she high maintenance? Is she less capable? Is she a burden? Is her stepping into the world a less of a reason to celebrate? Then why this discrimination?

The major reason for this kind of a thought process is because people assume a woman to be vulnerable and incapable compared to a man. This single thought affects her right from childhood even sometimes unconsciously. Fortunately, that our country started moving forward at a great pace, this thought started to fade away in urban areas but unfortunately the same thought found a place in the same urban atmosphere in the form of Domestic Violence. In rural areas majorly in most cases the women is put to harassment when her husband returns home frustrated and finds it very easy to take it all out on her just because she at home taking care of the children.

In urban areas it is completely different. Both gender’s are equally educated, financially stable and both lead a similar lifestyle with pride and freedom. According to studies, “ego” is an origin for unstable marriages and despair. Several reasons account to this, one of which maybe the women being more efficient and capable which is such an indigestible fact that she is put to harassment just because she is a hardworking independent “woman”. So, how do you teach people that letting go one’s ego is better than hurting or letting someone go?

The number of cases being recorded in the country and abroad is indeed very sad. Newly wed brides being the most targeted. The homicide of a 26 year-old doctor within one year of her marriage shocked and affected me the most. Why did a doctor who is trained to think in the most rational way in the most difficult situations find it easy to give up her life without fight for it? Whose fault is it?

As parents it is very important for them to interact with children, either boys or girls about every possible issue at every age. It is up to them to make sure that they instill boldness, strength and a broad-minded approach towards life in children especially girls when it is very likely for them to succumb to the world. When parents ignite a fearless attitude in children it somehow brings out unknown courage from inside in unexpected situations lack of which might lead to women being victims to various irreparable life changing incidents.